Friday, September 01, 2006

Condi Catapulting

Condi spewed before the American Legion. She sounded schizophrenic. We're safer, we're not safer, we're making progress and Iraq is Democratic and free, we need to stay longer they're not free of terror. Rice said progress toward democracy is being made in the Middle East and that it's important the United States not leave Iraq before its mission is finished -- or the consequences would be severe.
"We are making America safer," Rice said. "We are waging a global war on terrorism and we are breaking the back of the al-Qaida network." Rice said the United States is safer for having chosen to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The conservative and ultra nationalistic American Legion is a nice safe and friendly audience for the White House propaganda hurl. (Are they seriously that gullible?) Try this shit in front of regular people and they'd be pelted with rotten vegetables. The majority of Americans want us to find a way out of Iraq asap. Since Israel attacked Lebanon Condi has been a bit scarce. Will she be replaced by Holy Ho Joe Lieberman? It's hard to tell which of them Chimpy likes best. Holy Joe isn't bald enough but he's a good kisser. Perhaps Condi and Lieboy have "performance" issues. Condi said early pullout will encourage extremists. "The cost of failure will be severe, indeed immeasurable" She said a premature pullout will "embolden extremists and enemies of moderation and of democratic reform."


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