Monday, September 18, 2006

Morrow's Mantle Passed to Olbermann

A real man/woman stands up against injustice, lies, and the theft of our Constitution. During the McCarthy purges it was Edward R. Murrow. Now, in a time of many villains, most of them in the White House, it falls on Keith Olbermann's shoulders to show a spine...sorely lacking in the rest of the media. The Fourth Estate has criminally let us down. They are owned body and soul by right wing corporations, all the while howling, wrongly, that they're owned by the left. The fact that Olbermann has managed to break through while gaining in the ratings race is indicative of how desperate we are out here for a morsel of truth, some self respect, some sense of justice, and finally some decency. His is the only bright light on the boob tube in this misinformation age where propaganda is catapulted daily and nightly to a numbed audience. Thank you, Keith Olbermann. Again, stay off small planes and please, hire bodyguards and food tasters. We need you. May the truth rub off on your peers.

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's Countdown...special comments and videos.

Keith Olbermann's blog, Bloggerman.



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