Thursday, September 07, 2006

Plagiarism in the Senate

Senator Macaca Allen stole Senator Durbin's amendment and stuck his name on it hoping nobody would notice he didn't write it. I watched Senator Kennedy ask him, very nicely, how it differed from Durbin's...Allen had a very difficult time lying on camera so rotten little Stevens had to get up and help him...he's REALLY good at lying. One word. That's the difference. Just one word. No wonder he was in such a hurry to talk BEFORE Durbin on the Senate floor. Thank you Senator Kennedy for NAILING his lying hide. (C-SPAN has riveting coverage of the Senate and the's the ultimate reality television.)


Concise comment at YouTube:
Sen Durbin's bill was printed and ready to be introduced. Sen Allen copied it word-for-word except for the word "shall," asked to speak just before Sen Durbin, and then introduced his version of the bill (which was not yet printed). So he gets credit for "introducing" this bill, despite the fact that it was actually a word-for-word plagarism from Sen. Durbin! Let's hope the VA voters elect Jim Webb (USMC) instead of this asshole in November.

More at raisingkaine
Washington, DC – U.S. Senator George Allen today stole a Department of Defense appropriations amendment written, printed and prepared by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill), and then announced the amendment as his own, moments before Durbin was prepared to introduce the amendment on the Senate floor.
The following is a chronology of what happened earlier this afternoon:

by Lowell Feld, at link

Allen is a confirmed racist, liar, rubber stamper and now plagiarist. He gets support from our lying pResident and campaign donations from executives who classify themselves as in the "entertainment" industry. However, these executives have a hand in the production and dissemination of our "news". Conflict of interest?
Allen's haul includes contributions from executives with Time Warner, News Corp., Comcast, Univision Communications Inc., America Online, Krikorian Premiere Theatres, the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and the Walt Disney Co


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Ted's tubes are tied.

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