Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where's Binny?

Is Bin Laden Dead?
Saudia Arabia says they have no evidence at all that Osama is dead. Jacques Chirac has no comment The regional French newspaper l’Est Republicain printed a copy of a confidential document from the DGSE intelligence service yesterday, citing an uncorroborated report from a “usually reliable source” who said Saudi secret services were convinced that bin Laden had died.
Did Bin Laden die of typhoid? Or, did somebody in France leak Karl Rove's October Surprise diversion a few weeks early? Whether he's dead or alive, the Bush administration which wanted him desperately after 9/11, has NOT found him. And they don't seem to care about him unless there's a pending election. Bush said, Bin Laden is "not a top priority".
Cheney seemed to know where Osama was in 2001 but made plans to attack Iraq instead. Osama bin Laden is also still in Afghanistan.
RUSSERT: Up in Tora Bora?
CHENEY: In that general area.

Where is Bin Laden?
More pics--->

Osama is only used as a pawn in their game of world domination. The Official Story Falls Apart
RumsfeldBin Laden Harder to Find

Who will find Osama Bin Laden first? Rover?


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