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Lying Diversions and Blame Mode

The "L" word. Liars. GOP Liars. The facts are irrelevant to the thugs. Facts must be buried and a spun "truth" presented to shut people up. It's Divert Hurricane Foley out there. From Fox gnus "accidentally" referring to Foley as a dem, three times, to the shrieking heads on cable, it's blame Democrats, lie, blame Liberals, lie, blame anyone, lie, silence opposition, lie, scare population, lie. The spin is dizzying and they count on us not being able to keep up.
They're getting paranoid, their attacks on fellow Americans are out of control. Smidgens of truth are sneaking out over their airwaves. They respond by lashing out, smearing anyone, other citizens, to deny and distract. It's time people woke up to these monsters masquerading as Republicans. Eisenhower warned us. They're not real conservatives. They're lying war profiteers.
Olbermann is reminding us.Transcript-Special Comment About Lying Video, courtesy of crooksandliars.
Stay safe, Keith. Awe inspiring.

The RNC likes Foley. Foley's got money. $2.7 million. Other Republicans want it. Turning a blind eye to Foley's creepiness was lucrative. The best reason in the world for greedy amoral GOP thugs, money. Some want their money back...they're outraged. But Foley doesn't have to give back a dime. They wrote the rules. To whom has Foley donated? $750,000 to other Republicans.

NRCC chairman Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.) was among the first House members alerted when reports surfaced in 2005 of Foley’s questionable e-mails with a 16-year-old former page, news accounts have said. Critics of the House leadership’s handling of the Foley matter have questioned why Reynolds was told before board members overseeing the page program. According to CRP, Foley is ranked 23rd among the 27 politicians contributing more than $100,000 toward the Reynolds-led effort this year to maintain the Republicans’ majority in the House.

Well for goodness sakes, there's the What a shock. It's always about money with the GOP. "Critics have questioned" putting money and lies over ethics and decency.

The top individual recipient of Foley’s money is Rep. Heather Wilson, (R-NM)-$8,000 from Foley. The #2 recipient is Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), who is leaving Congress after admitting to taking bribes from lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associates. Ney received $6,000 from Foley.

Deborah Pryce (R-OH) $5,000
Steve Chabot (R-OH) $3,000
Mark Kennedy (R-MN) $3,000
Sen. George Allen (R-VA) $2,000
Rep. Clay Shaw (R-FL)$2,000
Rep. Rob Simmons (R-CT) $2,000
Nancy Johnson (R-CT) $1,000

And none of them had a clue he was a predator on the House floor, and in the Page dorms? George Allen again. Hahahaha.
Blame Clinton. Yes, it's all Clinton's fault. Is that what Rush has been telling his audience? It's the Democrats? It's the blue dress? The 30% or 35% base will go along, willingly. They'll believe whatever they're fed. But in the end, it's always been about taking our money. ALL our money.
$2.7 million left inhis campaign coffers
Although his Congressional District 16 does not include Palm Beach, islanders have donated far more to Foley's campaign and his political action committee than any of his other contributors. Foley often was seen in Palm Beach, speaking to civic groups and appearing at social events and fundraisers.
Not in his district? Interesting. Palm Beach.

Foley has been a powerhouse in raising campaign dollars over the years. He raised a total of $9.4 million from 1989-2006 and spent $6.7 million, according to the Web site of the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research group.

In 2005-06, Foley raised $1.4 million and spent $819,313. He has a total of $2.7 million "cash on hand," according to the Web site, with a large chunk coming from Palm Beach. The 33480 ZIP code leads the way for the most dollars contributed to Foley's campaign overall since 1989 with $760,523. The Palm Beach ZIP code also leads contributions in this year's campaign with $136,700.

There's logrolling going on...favors to call in. The George Soros attack connection via his donations to Center for Responsive Politics. Pathetic diversionary bullshit. Keyword...Soros, repeat, spin, operatives, spin, repeat. I no longer have any patience for the lies and shaded truths coming out of CNN...Wolfblitzer is a pompous shill, his halting delivery is excruciating. MSNBC has the disgusting ignorant slanderer Tucker Carlson shrieking incessantly from under his preppy tan. He belongs on Fox.

Knew of Foley Allegations- from Roll Call. They left out all those pesky Rs so I had to fix up their list. Rollcall aims right of reality.
These include
Hastert (R-Pig) Speaker, third from throne
John Boehner (R-Ohio)House Leader
Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.) National Republican Congressional Comm. Chair
Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-La.)
Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.)
Mike Stokke (R), Hastert's deputy chief of staff
Ted Van Der Meid (R), Hastert’s counsel
Paula Nowakowski (R), Boehner’s chief of staff
Jeff Trandahl, the former Clerk of the House
another Hastert aide
Alexander’s chief of staff

Speaking of nomenclature, I was googling "Rodney Alexander" and found
Congressman Rodney Alexander
Official web site for Representative Rodney Alexander (D - LA). - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

I had to drop him a line and remind him he's an R, not a D, since changing party affiliation in 2004. His staff quit, maybe his new R workers are inept.
Funny how that happens since Dan Senor worked at Google after his stint in Iraq with Bremer.

Press Briefing tony Snow

What is a comma? The Bush administration uses lies as punctuation.

Interesting Friday aside:
Susan Ralston, White House aide, resigned. Doesn't want to be "a distraction" to White House as a connection to Rove/Abramoff. She was Abramoff's administrative assistant, then Rove's admin. asst. at the White House. Good timing. Slip out the door during Foleygate. Was there an indictment looming? Is Fitz still alive? What's happening with the non-investigation.
The Catch-22 clause of Bushco, It's under investigation, I can't comment. Later they can't remember or recall a thing. Then again, the Foley-Ney-Abramoff-Rove connection might be yielding fruit. They'll crush it.
Pedophiles aren't gay. Mostly they're heterosexual males. The distractionary gay connection is theonutphobic witch hunt bullshit. A gay purge is happening under our noses. There's a list going around. Those disseminating it call it "The List." It's a roster of top-level Republican congressional aides who are gay. Another way to get at homosexuality and same sex marriage. Another way to force people into the closet. Another way to frighten people. They're ruthless and sickening.

Kirk Fordham, left. Former chief of staff to Reynolds Kirk Fordham knows a lot. Why isn't he in protective custody? He was formerly Foley's chief of staff. He went to ABC to try and stifle Foley's emails. He is being questioned by the FBI. Fordham told Hastert's office about Foley allegations three years ago. Fatty Hastert doesn't remember. Fatty Hastert is a huge liar who says he first heard on Friday. Boehner says he told him last spring. Reynolds claims he told him a year ago, while pocketing Foley's money. Other reports go back five years. Foley=campaign funds.

This one's a classic GOP hoof in mouth and CNN's failure to seek truth.
Chris Cannon (R-UT) was caught on KSL Radio saying the pages are "precocious kids" and it might be a "prank". On CNN trying to "explain" himself: "Kids think they're smart, they may put themselves in danger.You have to take responsibilituy, to know what the limits are, so they can be kept safe...growing number of predators because there's growing pornography."
"There was a story where one of these kids was from...Oklahoma...the kid lacked judgment. Parents need to help them look at limits." (Foley had) "Exaggerated affectations...I don't think anyone didn't know what his orientation was...I think his orientation was obvious." Needless to say, Wolf didn't ask, "What story in Oklahoma?" or, "What's your source?" So pornography and being gay are successfully tossed out there again as the unfounded causes of Foley's predatory behavior with precocious kids pulling hoaxes and pranks.
"A prank a hoax if you will," reiterated Tool Blitzer. Three times. "Not a prank, not a hoax?" "What about the idea that Democratic operatives may have been behind this...Jordan Edmund is not a Democrat....but what about Democratic or Liberal operatives?" Stephen Jones, attorney to former congressional aide Jordan Edmund, "Well, no, not initiated by....but opportunistic." (Edmund NEEDS a lawyer, he's about to feel the full heat of the GOP smear machine.)
So, we're opportunistic if we'd like to know why such predators are allowed in the House of Representatives. Assholes! Liars! CNN is full of LIES...neothug propaganda. How can they be so wrong with the facts and get away with this crap? Blame Reagan for taking the Fairness Doctrine away and Congress for the FCC regulation changes in 1996. Freedom of the press died when corporations could buy up all the airwaves. They're just like the fair and balanced Fux Gnus.
I'm sick of being lied to. It's sick, sick, sick!



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