Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Snowjob Shoveling-Naughty Emails

CNN Video from YouTube. Woodward's book is the first topic, Soledad O'Brien asked a couple of good questions. Partial clip of a drugged monster Bush.

Foley comes up at 4:40 on the clock. By about 6:00 Tony Snow gets a halo effect by placing himself so the cameras record sunrise behind his shoulder. He's a saint, he glows, he's a GOD! He smiles a lot. Their head PR man is Max Headroom without the charm. Naughty. Tony thinks Foley sent "simply naughty emails".
Some of what he said:
"Our plate's full enough... my sense is figure out what the facts are, figure out who knew what when, let the house go ahead and continue its investigations, and others do it. We're gonna find out the facts."
"It's not always pretty up on Capital Hill there have been other scandals, as you know, that have been more than

Snow on CNN YouTube

The way the thugs operate it woudn't surprise me to hear Foley had slipped into a depression and killed himself in a motel room. Out of sight, out of mind. Silencing any embarrassments/outrage/questions is top priority for the most secretive White House in history. They make Nixon look loving and cuddly. Individuals who attract attention must be eliminated. Quickly replaced. It would take the heat off Hastert, et al. The fact that GOP leadership consulted "elections" rather than took action on Foley shows it's all about the seat. Hastert's feeling the heat.
It's about keeping power. e.g. Cunningham (R-CA-50-Crook) is in jail but incredibly and crookedly they hung on to his seat. That "election" reeks. For Foley's seat,(R-FL-Pedophile) Jeb can call a special election within weeks. Won't we all be impotently amazed and shocked when the GOP mysteriously hangs on to the seat of a pedophile.

Video of Hastert blatantly LYING. First he heard was last Friday, "That's when I learned of it, at that point" Asked by CNN if he had been told earlier in the year. "I don't recall"... Q: "Congressman Reynolds told you in the Spring" FattyAsstert: "He might have told me in the context of a bunch of other things...campaigns...I don't remember. I don't remember him telling me that."
Hastert on Foley YouTube

They knew in 2001. I've joked in the past that it would take a sex scandal with young boys to start to bring this misadministration down. I thought it would have to occur on the White House lawn to get press coverage. I also thought there would be live sheep involved. One out of three ain't bad.

ABC news on Foley. "Obsession...known for five years";
emails read over the air.
Republicans Knew and Did Nothing YouTube.


Blogger malfunctioning, YouTubes going the way of the tubes...sigh.


Anonymous snabby said...

Seeing that beautiful image of Hastert makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Is an actual pig the current speaker of the house? And with all the treasure linking his pockets, why wouldn't even this slovenly pig get a pair of glasses that fits? Or do they fit, but the constant stream of lard and flop sweat keeps them from staying up?

I have questions, and demand answers.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

He's an utter pig. Not to insult our porcine friends but really, he's gross. His absolute contempt for us, the pages, and the truth, is clear. We've gone beyond any semblance of decency into a So-Whatcha-Gonna-Do-About-It? mentality.

2:05 PM  

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