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Weldon and Pickles - Moon Money

Lately, with no regard for appearances, Buschco has delegated Laura Bush out to raise funds for Moon supporters and Foley protectors. Curt Weldon (R-PA) and Tom Reynolds (R-NY) in the same day, respectively. She whored wore a green money suit at both events. Let's assume the Bush White House Machine knows all the details of the first lady's schedule, and where she's needed most, and the backgrounds of those she's pimping. Somebody is steering her to the dark side. She does what she's told presumably yet her handlers risk her reputation by linking her with criminals. She's GOT to know what's happening around the country. Or she's a zombie. Co-criminal and/or druggie, take your pick. Transcript-Weldon fundraiser. Her standard fare, fluffy bull.

Moon/Senate Office Bldg Crowning Ceremony
The ultimate Moongate video: 81 Congressmen attended

Ex-con, Moon - Plays Weldon for a Sucker July 1- 7, 2004
Moon said, "If the U.S. continues its corruption, and we find among the senators and congressmen no one really usable for our purposes, we can make senators and congressmen out of our members. ... I have met many famous — so-called "famous' — senators and congressmen, but to my eyes they are just nothing. They are weak and helpless before God."

Weldon vows that Moon will never again dupe him, his chief of staff, Michael Conallen, won't rule out Weldon's attending future events held by Moon's front group, the International and Interreligious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP), which apparently tricked several members of Congress into attending the March 23 "Crown of Peace" awards at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C.

But here's a new picture of Weldon giving a speech at the event! What's that he's pinning on Kadhafy? Did Kadhafy score one of Moon's Ambassadors for Peace Awards while Weldon was leading a delegation to Libya to talk WMDs? If so, that would be pretty awesome, placing Khadafy in the same A.F.P. winners circle as neo-Nazi William Baker. (Update: According to Weldon's office, it's an American flag pin.)

Weldon, Khadafy and Moongate

Curt Weldon

Bush at a Moon event in 1996.

Bush praises Moon, "Man with the Vision" More like the man with the money. Bushes are always looking for more money. And the man with the sick twisted visions. Yikes, not safe for work, Moon

~~~~~The Bush Family and Moon Money
No Bush Left Behind
The stars haven't always aligned for Neil Bush, but at times financial support has. A foundation linked to the controversial Reverend Sun Myung Moon has donated $1 million for a COWs research project in Washington (D.C.)-area schools. In 2004 a Shanghai chip company agreed to give Bush stock then valued at $2 million for showing up at board meetings. (Bush says he received one-fifth of the shares.) In 1988 a Colorado savings and loan failed while he served on its board, making him a prominent symbol of the S&L scandal. Neil calls himself "the most politically damaged of the [Bush] brothers." Not true, Neil. Dubya mighta told ya that but he's a bully. He's FAR more damaged, and so is Jeb. ALL Bushes belong in jail. The Bush Family Decreed a no child left behind plan so's nobody could learn new things and so Neil could have a job with a reason to be on corporate boards. Otherwise his name plate need only say, "second brother" to the throne.

Neil on stage with the Moons. from L-R is Doug Joo, head of the Washington Times- Chung Hwan Kwak, who has a top position with all major Moon front groups - Neil Bush - Jose DeVenecia, Speaker of the House of the Philippines who pushes Moon's proposals for a theocratic UN and supports Moon's personal UN, the Universal Peace Federation, and on the right, Mr. and Mrs. Messiah.

They love him for himself, not his name, he says. Hahahahaa. The Bush brothers and EDUCATION...such a natural fit. Lots of contracts with school districts in Texas and Florida. They're a loyal family, they help kin get rich. Including diverting Katrina funding to Neil for his company, Ignite.
Crooked government dealings, or crooked family dealings?
Former first lady's donation aids son
Katrina funds earmarked to pay for Neil Bush's software program
Former first lady Barbara Bush donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund with specific instructions that the money be spent with an educational software company owned by her son Neil. Since then, the Ignite Learning program has been given to eight area schools that took in substantial numbers of Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

Quid Pro Quo...Bush Style.

Neil says he never talks shop with his brothers. He attributes his interest in education to his struggles with dyslexia. His son, Pierce, also had difficulties in school, he says. "Not one of our investors has ever asked for any kind of special access -- a visa, a trip to the Lincoln Bedroom, an autographed picture, or anything."

Further money reading:
Moon Money- the billions that moved America right and theocratic

George and Barbara Bush greeting Moon's wife at the Tokyo Dome in September, 1995.
Video blog: Moon's tour with Bush, Pat Boone and...By John Gorenfeld Sat Sep 23, 2006
At 1:05 on the video, Bush calls Moon, "The Man with the Vision" 1996
Video (3:33 total time)at link and here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A big congrats on making it on "Mike’s Blog Round Up" and therefore to Crooks & Liars. You headlined today.


8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While the notion that the Bushes are all secret Moonies is appealing, I think your overall presentation is damaged by the fact that two of your photos are clearly doctored. My spidie sense tingled when I noticed the white edge around George W's pantleg and shoe in the final picture which features George & Laura, the Rev. & Mrs. Moon, and various others in dressed in pink and cream. When I compared it to the other photo earlier in your post that shows the same group I couldn't help but notice that everyone is in exactly the same position except the bushes are now standing behind.

If there is any truth in this Bush/Moonie thesis, I'm sure you wouldn't want it torpedoed by doctored evidence.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Travis said...

I believe that's just a humorous photoshop, along the lines of the first image in the article.

Which is, by the way, astounding. Well done.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be correct that it was done for humorous intent although unlike the first photo I can see no overt indicators of this. I do think you need to be careful about this because the right has a way of sweeping this kind of thing aside by saying things like, "Its been widely proven that that photo was faked." I'm sure you remember how all the rumours and reports and anecdotes of George W going AWOL from the national guard turned out to be just one fabricated memo.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Mel said...

Hey annonymouse, it is REAL REAL simple - the photos with "Gahzette" on them are photoshopped, the ones without are real.

These people aren't "secret" moonies. They help Moon, work with Moon, promote Moon, they are what you call CHUMPS, fools, naive, blind. They help a guy who has a goal of world conquest as the "messiah" and that includes the destruction of democracy as we know it, something they are doing a damn good job of. They are not likely moonies in that they bow to a photo of Moon when they go to bed, they are “moonies” in the sense that they HELP HIM. Moon doesn't need you to be a "member" just help him, lend him your name, your credibility...he will take of the rest.

This is not news except to the uninformed masses. Conservatives have been selling the nation out to Moon's vision of a homophobic, theocratic, authoritarian America for decades. Now he is working on liberals and the world thanks to people like the Bushes and Curt Weldon helping to mainstream him, promote his plans.

Here's a quote for you from:

U.S News and World Report March 27, 1989
Rev. Moon's Rising Political Influence
His empire is spending big money trying to win favor with conservatives.

On New Year's Day, 1987, South Korean mystic Sun Myung Moon, who considers himself to be the son of God, told his Unification church followers that he wanted to expand the church's political influence in the United States. His aim, Moon said, was "the natural subjugation of the American government and population." ...

...the church has established a network of affiliated organizations and connections in almost every conservative organization in Washington, including the Heritage Foundation, the largest of the conservative think tanks and an important source of government personnel during the Reagan administration. Although Heritage officials deny it, the foundation has dramatically changed its policy toward the Unification Church. In the early 80's the foundation, wary of the church's aims, prohibited staff or fellows from being associated with Unification Church organizations or taking money from the church or church-financed institutions.

As the Washington Times has become the voice of capital conservatives, the Heritage Foundation has become far more tolerant of church ties. ...

The Unification Church's newfound influence has occasioned intense debate among conservatives. One group of worried young conservatives meets regularly in private to compare notes about the problem. But little of the debate has surfaced in public forums. "Most people are afraid to address the issue because they don't want to publicize the extent of the church's involvement," says Amy Moritz of the Conservative National Center for Public Policy Research.

Because almost all conservative organizations in Washington have some ties to the church, conservatives also fear repercussions if they expose the church's role.
That happened when one organization, the Capital Research Center, published a newsletter last November warning of the church's attempt to create a "centralized world theocracy." One of its board members, who was also on the board of the International Security Council, resigned in protest, and conservatives charging that the paper was creating discord on the right, besieged the center with angry calls. "We got a very, very strong reaction -- almost as if we were the enemy -- because we raised the issue," says CRC Chairman Willa Johnson, a former president of the Heritage Foundation.


This is all well documented. Try reading some of the links supplied in the post for starters.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Thanks, travis.
And thanks, d.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Mel, well said.
This is not news except to the uninformed masses.
Exactly, and most folks don't want to know. Their brains glaze over. It's a huge topic. Sometimes it has to be lightened up.

Anonymous, there's absolutely nothing "appealing" about Moon's influence. It's frightening and disgusting.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Pappy and Mammy Bush have been friends of the Moons for some time showing up at Mrs Moon's Birthday parties and attending business meetings in south America for the Rev in the mid 90's. That trip to South America was to support Moon's purchase of a newspaper for which Pappy Bush was paid $10 Million to begin the war chest for "GW's" run for president in 2000. In case you haven't noticed, the Bush's belong to Moon and the Saudis and likewise the US has been sold out to those interest. Pappy Bush currently works for the Saudis and is the only previous president that receives a copy of the daily National Intelligence Report. Now, that seems like a conflict of interest to me, but what do I know. I haven't walked around with my arms intertwined with a Saudi Arabian Prince nor do I believe myself to be part of one's family much less receive millions of dollars in financing from one to start a new business when I bankrupted my last company. Gosh, maybe the Saudis are entitled to daily copies of the US National Intelligence Reports. And Sun Moon, well, in the 70's, he praised the United the States, Reagan and Bush came into office, Moon was allowed to purchase the Washington Post, he bought Pappy Bush for at least $10 million and at the same business meeting announced that the United Stated was owned by Satan. You go figure out who sold the US to whom.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Just one point, Debbie. It's the Washington Times, not Post.

8:54 AM  

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