Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well-Oiled Bush Machine

Under the tightly-run Titanical standards of Josh Bolten Lieboy gave a press show on N. Korea. Nothing by chance. Everything carefully planned. Of course, no press questions during this serious and terrorificationizing time. Heck, the press is down the street in a different building and need escorts to get onto the White House grounds. Freedom of the press.
Speech Video and Transcript
The Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House. Did he really want to stand under Washington's portrait to lend credence? Books, to remind us he's now a reader. Hahahaa. Unh, hunh. Hahahahaha.
Laura Bush was pressed into watching/concerned mode, the "feminine touch" and "family values" slant. Usually it's a seated line of scary white men in suits, Rove, Snow, Bolten, Hadley...Cheney, Rummy, Condi, misc. hard core rubber stamping congressthings, misc. cabinet members. Another Commercial White House moment...not the Chimp's finest. Nervous fumbling speech, awkward delivery, tension, lip licking, scrunching of lips, darting eyes. He's not ready to go solo on this topic. Hence the short protected speech and photo op props.

In the meantime, send out the assholes to blame Clinton. Yeah, that's the ticket. Blame Clinton, blame Clinton, make another docudamner. Video at crooks and liars. McCain wore fresh lipstick and groveled for some sick demographic that blames current problems in N. Korea on Bill Clinton. Un-bloody-believable. Rebuttals,John Podesta-"By virtually every measure, Bush's North Korea policy has been a failure."

Bush refuses to talk unless it's to threaten.

We need real leadership.



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