Saturday, November 04, 2006

Foley's Desirable Seat

Negron vs. Mahoney Democrat Tim Mahoney should be a shoo-in for Mark Foley's Congressional seat, Joe Negron isn't even on the ballot in Florida. But the RNC has poured a ton of dough into the race, Jebby the pig-nosed Bush is campaigning for Negron and now the suspect "polls" mysteriously call the race 50/50.
You'd think Florida, having had a pedophile representing them wouldn't want a Congressman who looks like the runaway bride...but we'll see which way the machines flip on Tuesday. The RNC REALLY wants this seat, it's why they covered for Foley for years. Hastert, Reynolds and Rove all knew he was making inappropriate advances towards young pages...and they did nothing. MOney and power were more important to them than doing the right thing.

Wilbanks and Negron, separated at birth?

For god's sake, Florida, vote for Tim Mahoney or hang your heads in shame along with Foley. Or secede.



Anonymous aed said...

The same thing is happening in Delay's old district. It went from being a shoe-in for the Democrat to being 50/50--all of a sudden... This is with a write-in. Something stinks.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Lane_in_PA said...

"Foley's Desirable Seat" is very funny, when you think about it, Panda. ( All that double entendre, sexual innuendo and stuff. )

LOL! You're good!

8:34 AM  

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