Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The GOP pResidential trial balloons need to be burst. The same machine that sold us Lieboy as a "uniter not a divider" and a "compassionate conservative" is slapping the lipstick onto more pigs from the same mold. In the GOP pocket-lining tradition of putting crooked selfish pigs into office....let the slathering begin.

McCain has no principles. He thinks it's his "turn" to run for and win the presidency in 2008. In delusional entitlement mode he's currying favor with Jerry Falwell, the Kerry Swiftboat types and anyone from the far rightwing fringes who can deliver money and votes. He's lower than a snake's belly and far too old to run for president. St. Teflon of Memory Loss became president at 69, McCain will be 72 in 2008. A president who can "recall" his deeds should be a prerequisite. He's weak. He folded to Bush on torture, selling out our troops abroad and dissenting American citizens here at home. He has no character. He let the Bushites smear his wife, his family, his integrity, taking it in the ass from Karl Rove. Such a creature has no business being in a position of power. His POW days have left him unstable, twisted, and sick. He needs help. In 2000 McSlime called Falwell an "agent of intolerance" but by March of this year, he'd found his kneepads for nestling up to Falwell's money/audience. McCain flip-flopped on the side of the lord devil. He was the 2006 graduation speaker at Falwell's Liberty/Moon University. Falwell owes Moon big time for bailing out his "university" so by default Moon is financially supporting McCain as well. Follow the money.

Rudy Giuliani's claim to fame is that he didn't get "out of harm's way" on 9/11 but stayed and tried to do his job. Compared to Bush's(lack of) response(s) to 9/11 and Katrina, Giuliani looks like a superhero and saint. Our standards have plummeted since Lieboy was appointed. Rudy-pudy's private life is tabloid fodder. He and Pataki cut social programs and increased law enforcement. Under Clinton's increases for emergency services he coasted to a second term. Mayor Giuliani wouldn't have fared too well under Bush/Chertoff. Giuliani likes crackdowns on American citizens to make problems go away. Cut the welfare rolls, people either die of leave. Republicans who claim to be values voters won't like Rudy's affairs/marriages, pro-choice stance, and other personal choices. Giuliani's foreign policy experience is limited to international microphones post 9/11. He's not bright enough. The world is facing complex neocon-made problems out of Rudy's depth and he lacks the Chimp's fratboy image for weasling out of lies. Bush has always had family connections to bail him out, rudeboy has ex-wives. To make Rudy a hero for not falling apart on 9/11 is rather an insult to an entire city that magnificently rose to the occasion.

Mitt Romney, another fortunate dynastic son we do NOT need. He's campaigning for the top job, the one for which he and other wealthy boys like himself are bred, most recently he sold himself in Arizona. Daddy Romney was R-Gov Mich. '63 to '69. Junior Romney is Mass. Gov, they sink their mitts into other territories, spreading like diseases from state to state; Bush Jr. to Texas, Jebby-Pig-Nose to Florida. Why so many incestuous governors? Better odds to take the White House Crown, repeatedly per the stats. Oil boys, car guys, same thing. Profits over people. He has an advantage over the other potential nominees in that his ugliness isn't showing on his face. He's got Max Headroom anchor man looks for shallow types. Hell, if Rover and Dick have fan clubs Mitt can have some too. It's easy for some folks to imagine him in the Oval Office. This batch of fake Republicans is owned by rich influence peddlers .The sympathy factor:His wife, Ann, has MS, in remission. They both attended BYU, Mitt pursued business and law at Harvard. (Tuition? Not a problem in the Romney household.) As Committee Chair, Mitt's Olympics in 2002 involved friendly competition. The mess Bush is leaving behind won't be so easy to clean up.

Another religious zealot who wants to tell the rest of us how to "be" in private, Sam Brownback wants to save our souls. He has Pat Robertson's endorsement. RNC Republican National Coalition for Life founded by fundy woman-hating nutjob, Phyllis Schlafly endorses him too. God protect us from "God's Senator". "Pat Robertson got me elected in 1996"-Brownback. The Nation
We don't need the American Taliban crusading for any causes within our government. Nobody's persecuting them, why can't they mind their own business and leave the rest of us alone! DO UNTO OTHERS! For Christ's SAKE!
Chuck Hagel, Nebraskan candidate for president went from business to government when he was overwhelmingly "elected" on his own election system, ES&S. Chuck has been a rubber stamper for the NeoCONS headed by Bush and maybe an election rigger...the facts cast doubt Hagel's way. "If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control the Voting Machines" by Thom Hartmann.
We don't need any more crooked hypocritical reactionary right wingers running for office. They've done a rotten job. People are fed up and scared. War, debt, the cost of everything, health care, tuition, life itself...more and more expensive with no end but poverty in sight. The GOP has lowered our incomes and our standard of living while killing hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Send in the pigs? No thanks.

-end for now-


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