Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halp Us Jon Carry!

Funny how very very quickly this banner appeared in Iraq after Kerry's blunder. It's almost as if somebody from the right wing media had a friend in the Minnesota National Guard who contacted the troops at Tallil Air Base in Iraq. Wait, it sure sounds like that's what happened. And now, "it doesn't matter" who made it?

Charlie Sykes blog gets Kerry zinger rolling
Nov. 2, 2006
From Iraq to a Milwaukee radio talk show host to the Drudge Report to the mainstream media, a photograph of U.S. soldiers responding to a "botched joke" by John Kerry rocketed around the cyber-world.
"Maybe this Internet thing will actually catch on," joked WTMJ-AM (620) host Charlie Sykes, "Who knew?"

Who, indeed. The photo is of troops holding a banner that says "HALP US JON CARRY - WE R STUK HEAR N IRAK" but nobody is taking credit. And Sykes won't say. A "listener" sent the pic. Karl Rove?

Minnesota unit in photo
While the soldiers in the photograph haven't been formally identified, Lt. Col. Kevin Olson, a spokesman for the Minnesota National Guard, said that markings indicate that the eight soldiers are attached "in some way, shape or form" to the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division. Some 2,600 Minnesotans are part of that Bloomington, Minn.-based unit serving in Iraq.

CNN, the story changes
Sykes told the Post that he got the photo from a listener who had a friend in the Minnesota National Guard unit responsible for the sign.
"They're astounded by the reaction," said David Ward, whose daughter Heather was among the GIs holding the banner. "They were having fun with it." (Stars and Stripes killed that link)

Just the way "overzealous staffer" made the "Mission Accomplished" banner anonymously too. I'm glad the troops have access to banners and paint in Iraq. Perhaps they'd like their friends in Minnesota to send them something useful like armor instead.


Anonymous aed said...

The timing makes one wonder if those troops are indeed in Iraq. My first reaction: What a bunch of ingrates to do that to the one guy who has been busting his ass on their behalf. It almost makes me wish they get their tours in that hellhole extended--if they're really there to begin with.

6:32 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Yup, Kerry has done more for our troops than just about any other senator. Yet he's bashed by the military all the time...because they're fed bullshit and propaganda by their superiors. Imagine a military privy to the truth. Rumsfeldt can't let that happen, they'd start to ask questions. They'd tell Lieboy what to do with his fucked war.
Aside: Same thing with Kennedy...he doesn't even take his senate salary; he's done more to try and get all of us decent health care than anyone else in government. The lying crooked pukes don't EVER let up on smearing either one of them. Motherfuckingassholes.

8:57 PM  

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