Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Ramblings

Laura Bush is an insult as a "first lady". She's as much use as a sack of cement. She waves, smiles, makes small talk, lies for her spouse-from-hell and catapults propaganda. She travels at our expense but stays inside a bubble with Lieboy. She claims she meets throngs of people who agree with idiot boy. (aka "support the pResident") In the insulated world of the elites life looks grand. She needs an earful from some REAL Americans. But that won't happen. She's protected from truth. She's a zombie P.R. tool. From Bar to the twins this family doesn't have a clue what it's like outside their castles and jets.

Lieboy can't go overseas without Condosleeza.
An odd triangle.
Somebody tried to tie a tree around Hadley's neck.

Is she the prompter of applause and laughter?
And just one of the guys?

The Bushes are in virtual seclusion. Their bubble is expensive to maintain. We pay for it. No real people ever get anywhere near them. No outside opinions are heard. If dissent is mentioned in the press it's dismissed by the White House. Once in a blue moon somebody gets through the propaganda wall. Pre-Iraq invasion protesters were a "focus group" Bush said, and he didn't pay any attention to focus groups. Unless they had money and a congregation to indoctrinate. A dictatorship would have been easier for the Decider so he's changed all the laws to make his own reality. THE most secretive administration in history. The most devious and underhanded gang of chickenhawks ever to besmirch our flag.

The gruesome twosome took off for Camp David for a quiet Thanksgiving.
Out of harm's way. Pickles is wearing serious boots.

Lieboy pardoned a turkey.

He performed the Herculean task of "making calls" to ten troops.
Stay the course, heh heh, while I make these calls.
bushThanksgivingCampDavid c1
And THIS is what America is accepting as "leadership" from the president of the United States. What? No fake turkey in a hangar this time?

This day is supposed to be the "busiest" shopping day of the year. The myth is perpetrated that "everyone" is out buying, buying, buying for a Holy Day celebration of "stuff" and greed for Jesus. I don't see anyone doing better financially now than they were six years ago. Only on TV. When the bills roll in there will be mass sticker shock again and more folks will slip further behind. Sounds like shopping has become a herd sport and a nightmarish hunting expedition for the so-called best deals and lowest prices. From China. Reality, nobody has any extra money for buying junk that will be obsolete next year. Killings over playstations? Insanity has overtaken many sectors. Stampeding frothing crowds in stores for bargains? The gift that keeps on giving.


All day on November 22nd I thought about Jack Kennedy. All the Kennedys. That day is a marker of this nation's decline. 43 years ago. President John F. Kennedy represented hope for the future and justice for all. In the dueling Kennedy-Bush clans, evil has been winning since that day. The mistake the Kennedys made was to care about poor people. When a Kennedy starts to ascend they are shot down. It feels personal. It was a day of reflection, as was Thanksgiving Day. Where are we? What is to become of us? The actions of the Democratic majority in the House will set the tone. It's crucial we get back onto a healthy track for Democracy and send the cretins back to their caves. There's a lot to fix in two years. I'm pinning a lot of hopes on the 110th Congress of the United States. We won't let them let us down. The GOP will get even uglier. If such a thing is possible. Democrats must get into action asap. (Good sign from Pelosi, no recess after the New Year swearing-ins until the SOU.)
If I had my way, (and I don't) there would be trials for war crimes. There would be impeachments. There would be reparations and jail time. That's fair.
The monster has to be dealt with this time, not allowed to grow in the dark. We need some serious investigations into these crooks who have robbed us blind. No, we don't want to "get over it" and "heal" the country. Divider not a uniter has fractured this country and broken the Middle East. Only the Democratic Party, with heavy constituent input, can fix the messes. The crooks must be removed from the top down, stripped of all power and we need to reclaim our Democracy, of by and for the people. This time there must be justice. For ALL.

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Anonymous Lane_in_PA said...

For a moment when I viewed the photo of the gruesome twosome in their rain gear, I thought they were covered in bird droppings.

Wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

What a good idea. See update.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Lane_in_PA said...


Is that Chickenhawk Poop?

4:25 AM  

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