Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Return of Checks and Balances

Finally, the twelve year nightmare of a Republican majority in the House of Representatives has come to an end...for at least two more years.House returns Americans have awakened from their deep apathetic sleep. There's hope again. Checks and Balances have returned and hopefully the Constitution will follow. The destruction of our freedom and Democracy at the hands of Bush and the neocons will slow. The fate of the Senate, as of this hour, is still up for grabs.Senate returns. Burns is losing to Tester in Montana. Webb is ahead of Macaca in Virginia but it's still too close to call. Montana and Virginia will decide if Dick gets to break ties or not. And Lieberman, having won as an Independent can write his own ticket to power. He should defect to his true party and get it over with. He's no Democrat.
Unfortunately, a lot of damage has been done in the last six years. It will take decades to undo much of it. It will take discipline and stamina. I hope our new Senators and Representatives are up to it...we've given them their mandate and reminded them that they work for us...not the other way around.
Here in CA, Ahult has remained the Governator via star power and a bungled Democratic race from primary to finish; other states were more sensible. Gubernatorial returns
No matter how one looks at it this is all a good thing for Democracy and bad for the crooked executive branch and remaining crooks in the House and Senate. Unfortunately the MSM is still owned by right wing spinners who will now blame Democrats for the last decade of Republican malfeasance. Time to issue a few subpoenas and fix those FCC rules and get back the Fairness Doctrine so that the truth isn't such a rare commodity. It will be interesting to watch the petulance and arrogance of Lieboy trying to claim a mandate out of this. But he'll try because he only knows one way, his way. It's time to hold "The Decider" accountable.



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