Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bizzy Holiday Boy

The AWOL Chickenhawk called ten troops from Camp David. It was haaard work. We all appreciate the troops but Bush uses them as PR tools to sell us more compassionate bullshit. Actions speak louder than words.

Holidays at the White House

"Service" wrapping presents.
Gates gives Bush a "positive view" of Iraqi leaders' plans to curb sectarian violence
Defense Secretary Robert Gates finished his first week on the job by delivering a report to Bush on the three days he spent talking with Iraqi leaders, U.S. commanders and American soldiers. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace, who traveled with Gates to Iraq, helped make the presentation.
White House officials declined to disclose any details of the conversations.

Gates met with troops on a three day trip to Iraq.
The new defense chief had discussed with his commanders the possibility of a surge in the size of the 140,000-strong US force in Iraq, and what it might accomplish, but sidestepped questions about what either he or his generals thought about the idea.

The Gates/Pace presentation at Camp David

The Bushes visited and/or pinned Purple Hearts on 38 troops/patients at Walter Reed. His "annual" Christmas visit to Walter Reed is haaaard work too. Out of the 22,400+ injured there must be many who support Lieboy as their Commander in Chief. There are many who don't.
As they usually do, Bush and his wife, Laura, will spend Christmas at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, then travel to the Bush ranch the day after Christmas. Bush also plans to meet with the National Security Council on Thursday for "further consultations"about Iraq, said Perino. "I would not consider that to be a decisional meeting," she said. (Dana Perino, WH spokeswoman)
Troop Boost of 20,000?

No questions allowed?

U.S. toll in Iraq
• Deaths: 2,957
• Wounded: 22,401
The Cost of war.

Seasons's greetings.



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