Monday, December 04, 2006

Career Liars To The Rescue

Bring 'em on. The Iraq Study Group's much ballyhooed report, i.e. groupspeak talking points, to be "announced" Dec. 6th. Poppy's boys are covering up for Lieboy and set to bail him out. Again.
Every time the Bush Crime Family needs a pretend investigation followed by a cover-up they call in the same crooked consiglieres par excellence to tidy things up. The Iraq Study Group won't be a change in course. Per Murtha, "It’s not going to be better."
"The problem is they say it depends on the circumstances on the ground," Murtha said. "Well, if it depends on circumstances on the ground it’s not a lot different than what President Bush is saying." He added, "Kissinger came out with the same type of thing in the 1960s and three years later we got out of there, but we lost 20,000 troops."
No surprises. The Dems providing the "bipartisan" element are DINOs, the rest are stalwart defenders of all things Bushco. And any bits Bubble Boy doesn't like, he's going to ignore.
Oh how bloody convenient! The recommendations call for troop withdrawal in 2008 when the thugs are out of harm's way.
The main players, liars all:Lee Hamilton, Robert Gates, and James Baker.

Who the hell can we really trust out of this bunch? A status quo group. Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Edwin Meese III , Sandra Day O'Connor, Leon E. Panetta, William J. Perry, Charles S. Robb, and Alan K. Simpson.

Gates joined the CIA in the late 1960s and worked his way up the ranks, serving as deputy director from 1986-89. He was nominated to become the head of CIA in 1987, but withdrew his name after it became clear the Democratically-controlled Senate would reject the nomination because of his role in the Iran-Contra affair.

Gates should NOT be confirmed as Secretary of Defense. He isn't qualified. His main claim to fame is Bush Crime Family loyalty, another crooked CIA crony. The GOP will claim it's Boy King's right to surround himself with trusted confidantes, even well known criminals like death squad Negroponte and creepy spy Poindexter, et al. A very unsavory lot, many pardoned by Bush I, all still in the family.
Poppy's pardons, including six major Iran-Contra crooks.

The thugs are trotting out the same lying faces, to lend "credibility" to the criminal activities of the little dictator, and tie up loose ends. Bookkeeping. Evidence destruction. They plan on pardoning anyone facing criminal charges. If there's justice, they'll all go to prison.
These are recidivist criminals from the Iran-Contra Affair; the investigation was stymied further with Cheney's help.
Cheney smartly exploited his relationship with Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Ind., who was chairman of the Iran-contra panel. Hamilton cared deeply about his reputation for bipartisanship and the Republicans quickly exploited this fact.

Rumsfeld retroactively (surprise, surprise) left a new "minimalist" plan with "no recommendations" in a memo dated two days before his resignation. Rummy's laundry list. The moron in chief will have to "decide" between two non-plans.
2,897 dead U.S. troops and climbing while the thugs cover themselves and accuse Democrats of not having a plan. As always, projection while stalling.



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