Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's Vacation Time!

The Decider is off to Crawford for a "working" (hahaha) vacation.

A week in Crawford where no "decisions" will be made.
(Bush)will be consulting, not making final decisions, at the National Security Council meeting on Thursday at his ranch in Crawford, just strategerizing. Every news report I've read reinforces that theme; only "discussion", no decisions, not decisional, (Dana Perino) just in case we think he's making decisions while drunk on vacation? Nobody is allowed to talk about Bush's private life. The media muzzle is snug and tight. From questions about Bush's substance abuse problems to hookers (Gannon-Guckert) in the White House, we're not allowed to ask, in stark contrast to the hounding of Clinton. Believe it or not, pictures of the Bushes on the move are hard to find, other than the few "allowed" by the WH PR dept.

Arrival at Waco

Lieboy and Pickles have been out of camera range for a couple of days already. The most secretive pResident in the history of the United States appears only on WH terms. They control all access to his well protected Bubble. The number of vacation days taken by this lazy selfish "executive" far exceed those of any other president.

Condi will be there if she isn't already.

Poppy and Bar think we should all take care of each other and leave government and their taxes out of it. The Bush family has bankrupted the USA while they make money hand over fist from government kickbacks to corporations. And now they tell US to give to charity. We already gave all our money to Bushco.
Bushes Do 'Lord's Work' for Salvation Army
Sickening text at link.




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