Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lieboy's Urge to Surge

Q:If you conclude that a surge in troop levels in Iraq is needed
Would you overrule your military commanders if they felt it's not a good idea?

"That's a dangerous hypothetical question" "I'm not condemning you, you're allowed to ask anything you want" "I'll report back to you as to whether I support a surge or not."

Bush speaks during a press conference in the Indian Treaty Room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington. Bush warned Americans of the need for new "sacrifices" in Iraq next year, and said hard choices await in a war he now grimly admits the United States is not winning.(AFP/Mandel Ngan)
"Year-end" speechification.
He and Pickles need to split for "the holidays" soon.
They can taste those Crawford Cocktails.
Lieboy's answer to everything, shop until you drop America!

Abizaid is leaving. Could it be connected to his statements before the Senate Armed Services Committee last month? "I believe that the troop levels need to stay where they are, we need to put more American capacity in to Iraqi units." "I remain optimistic that we can stabilise Iraq", which isn't what the big boys want; the more chaos they create the easier it is to steal.Or his statements about Iraq's Civil war? Will he join other ex-commanders in condemnation of this abominable war? Or become a "news" consultant for Faux Gnus?

CentCom statement
"In the spring of 2006, secretary (of defense Donald) Rumsfeld asked General Abizaid to remain as the commander of the US Central Command (CentCom) until early in 2007. He does not intend to extend beyond that period. General Abizaid became commander in July 2003 and has served longer than any previous commander."
Military chiefs harbor doubts about proposal to 'surge' troops to Iraq
Top generals have expressed concern that even temporarily shipping thousands of more troops would be largely ineffective in the absence of bold new political and economic steps, and that it would leave the already stretched Army and Marines Corps even thinner once the surge ended.They also worry that it feeds a perception that the strife and chaos in Iraq is mainly a military problem; in their view it is largely political, fed by economic distress.
You broke it, you own it, Lieboy.
It will all have to wait until after his Christmas vacation.

"Victory in Iraq is achievable" said the slimeball. Somebody needs to get his definition of victory.


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