Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stay the Surge

Text and video
January 10, 2007
pResident's Address to the Nation
The Library

Criticism Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska told Rice the president's plan was “the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam, if it's carried out.”

LA Times"In choosing to escalate the war, the president virtually stands alone," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said in a statement today.

And hahahaha, here it comes. The walls are closing in on liars, Condi. Planning her escape leaving it to Negroponte so she can exit unscathed? Too late. Scathed, she is.
"We in the State Department recognize the need for a diplomatic surge," she said. "We need to get diplomats out of the Green Zone, into Iraq."
At one point during her testimony, a protester yelled out, "More lies…all lies…stop the lies!"

Neothugs just love those surging bulging hard words. Their depravity is multi-dimensional. She should send Bush and Cheney out of Iraq's heavily fortified Green Zone right away with Maliki leading the tour. Oh, that's right, she said diplomats.

Listening to the generals on the ground? Nah.
Abizaid recognizes a surge merely prolongs the chaos.
Army Gen. John P. Abizaid, the outgoing Middle East commander, has resisted increasing the visibility of U.S. forces in Baghdad, arguing that it would inflame Iraqi civilians and prevent Iraqi forces from taking on the security burden themselves.

Miscellaneous press coverage of "speech" at editorandpublisher

Gordon Johndroe was sent down the street to gaggle the press on Lieboy's plans for the day.
Q Can you preview a little bit of what the President is going to say today to the troops?
MR. JOHNDROE: The President is going to, one, thank them for their service in the global war on terror -- personnel from Fort Benning have, one, a long tradition of being deployed overseas in battles for the United States, but most recently in the global war on terror in Afghanistan and in Iraq -- thank them for their service; thank the family members that are here for the sacrifices they make when their loved one is overseas. And then he's going to talk about his speech last night and the mission he outlined and the way ahead in Iraq.

Bubble Boy is sealed in to sell his "plan" to troops at Fort Benning. Another nice captive audience of well-wishers, under orders. His audiences have always been tightly controlled so I doubt we'll see "the public" anywhere near him or Dick for the rest of their reign.

Fabulous, we've shut the door on "talks" with Syria and Iran...makes it easier to bomb them due to miscommunication. Condi won't talk.

It made mentally ill McCain happy. Blood and treasure....arrrrr. Revenge for past injustices, his own capture, he sees America as the chickenshit peacenicks who didn't rescue him for YEARS! He'll take his pound of flesh wherever he can get it.
Some in Congress defended the policy. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said today that the Bush plan may not guarantee success, but it's worth trying because the consequences of failure are greater. "If we do fail," McCain said, "there is going to be chaos in the region and we will pay an even heavier price in American blood and treasure."



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