Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Surge Backwards

Bush to send more troops, contrary to most advice, from the field to the House. More troops and money because they haven't yet wasted enough troops or money so far?
Military surge not enough to save Iraq , U.S. commander says
Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno said he believed that a combination of jobs, provincial elections, anti-militia legislation and stronger Iraqi security forces could stop the nation's plunge toward all-out civil war. Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, his predecessor, spelled out the same approach before his departure one month ago.
Up to 30,000 extra troops to crack down on insurgents? I dunno, George. It hasn't worked too well so far. Where's that cake walk you pushed before you attacked? Where are those WMDs you swore we'd find? How about those mushroom clouds?

Letter from Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House to the savages in power. And heck, she even has a plan.
"Adding more combat troops will only endanger more Americans and stretch our military to the breaking point for no strategic gain."

"Rather than deploy additional forces to Iraq, we believe the way forward is to begin the phased redeployment of our forces in the next four to six months, while shifting the principal mission of our forces there from combat to training, logistics, force protection and counter-terror."

It looks more like a surge to do a final purge. If I were an Iraqi which of these "plans" would I choose?

What Congress Can Do For America by Lieboy Bush. The total nerve of him! He's had Congress in his pocket since the day he stole office. He's the one who's responsible for what the 110th Congress now has to clean up. The messes he has made will take a generation to fix...unless we get more crooks like him in power in which case we're doomed. The rotten little thief wants to keep the tax cuts for his rich buddies. The cost of survival out here has gone into orbit. He's dismantled our infrastructure. He took our tax money we meant for the support of society as a whole and gave it to his family and friends. He has weakened our military while making contractors rich. He's a lying thug. He has no conscience. Don't you get it yet, America? He's LYING. The percentage of Americans who still support his actions has shrunk but one wonders what the hell they're thinking. What's to like? The facts are appalling. Google his "accomplishments". Bush has made things harder for the middle class and left destruction in his wake here and abroad, all the while using the MSM to cover for him. (Fairness Doctrine; FCC Regulations; Telecommunications Act of 1996; Media Matters)
Why isn't everyone absolutely outraged? Could it be they don't know the facts?

Oh, NOW he wants cooperation and bipartisanship? NOW he wants a balanced budget, now that he's emptied our treasury and sent us spiraling into debt. NOW he wants to curb earmarks. NOW is too late for cash strapped home owners all over the country. NOW isn't soon enough for our troops.
Hahahaha, he wants a line item veto as well.
To help rein in wasteful spending and restore fiscal discipline in Washington, I call on Congress to give the President the tool that 43 governors have, a line-item veto.
Take away his signing statement power first. Where's Cheney these days...he's got mail! Our mail. Chimpy can barely read but Dick sure can. And he's still there putting us all into data banks. He needs to fill the detention centers Halliburton has built here.

Let's just hope to hell the new congress focuses on NOW. Fix what the GOP has done to us FIRST, we'll worry about 2008 after we see what you can accomplish for US. As for the disruptive obstructionists to the will of the people, Republicans, we'll be watching and making up our own minds about the impact of Pelosi's first 100 hours and the ramifications for 2008. Thanks anyway We do NOT need to kiss GOP ass in the name of bipartisanship. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Stiff upper lip, Dems! Get cracking! Time's a-wasting. Ignore 2008 and focus on NOW. Of by and for US.
Health care costs, prescription costs, retirement, tuition, salaries....these are heavy concerns out here in the real world. The MSM needs to get real or shut the hell up with the horse shit spin on whether or not Democrats can be fair...after being shivved in the back for twelve years. The economy is NOT doing well, health education and welfare are NOT doing well, the war is NOT going well, we're NOT making progress, we're NOT respected anywhere any more. We're heading down not up and it didn't have to happen. The media has withheld and continues to withhold crucial information from the public. Big corporations control what we see and hear. The odds are still against us, fuck fair. The thugs see "nice" as a sign of weakness.


McCain and Lieberwhore, speaking before ultra-wingers at the AEI, promoted sending more troops, escalation, everyone's a terrorist, more war, killing, killing, killing. McCain clearly wants revenge for Vietnam and has some unfinished business with his daddy not loving him enough. The American Enterprise Institute view/take on Iraq fits John and Joe perfectly...scary. They're all certifiable. To whom are they appealing? Other loony toons like Cheney/Neothugs who think we should attack the hell out of the rest of the world first and take their stuff. Weaken them. Dominate them. Kill them. Money, power...kill.
McCain wants to surge and surge to avenge his capture. He's a bitter man and tightly wound. His measured monotone belies his need to explode violently.

It didn't work then, it won't work now.
Who's in charge? Us, or a gang of thugs?

Top Ten 2006 Bushisms per politicalwire.com
Global Language Monitor used a computer algorithm to track President Bush's comments in the print and electronic media over the last year to develop a list of the top ten "Bushisms."

1. I'm the Decider.
2. I use The Google.
3. It was not always certain that the U.S. and America would have a close relationship.
4. I've got an ek-a-lec-tic reading list
5. The only way we can win is to leave before the job is done.
6. Stay the course.
7. When the final history is written on Iraq, it will look just like a comma.
8. The Congress was right to renew the Terrorist Act.
9. I want to be a war president; no president wants to be a war president.
10. The fiscal year that ended on February the 30th.

That list doesn't quite do justice to how rotten and stupid he really is.One of my old favorites: "If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator"



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