Sunday, January 07, 2007

That Was The Week That Was ....'s over let it go. So went the opening song on That Was The Week That Was (TW3). They tore strips off politicians. It was a big hit. It's how David Frost got his start. (Yes, and look at him now. Egad.)
But this is a week I won't let's too big. It's too historic. Nancy Pelosi took the gavel as the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives. It's about bloody time! She's not quite angry enough for my tastes but she's a good woman who cares about the people of this country. And she's going to stop the war from surging forward. Finally, somebody is listening to the will of the people.

The rightwing talking points are about supposed "failure" of the new congress to be bi-partisan. The Democrats are off to a fine start despite the Republican-spun lies to the contrary. Maybe they're nervous about investigations. They should be.

We can't just forget the viciousness of the GOP for the past twelve years. We haven't forgotten the impeachment hearings from hell over blow jobs. We haven't forgotten the secret votes into the middle of the night to fuck us over on health care, retirement and things that matter to us. We haven't forgotten Sensenbrenner turning off the microphones, hearings in basements, the list is very long. Bi-partisan? Fuck off. I'm not a "nice" Democrat. I watch the ruthless shenanigans on the floors of the House and Senate on C-SPAN. More people should watch them in action minus the MSM spin. It's a real eye opener.

Bush has a "new" strategy, surge and shuffle, or shuffle and surge. Win the mission. He looks more moronic than ever but the meanness is right there on his face. He doesn't like this part of his reign...his rubber stamp is gone. It's bail out the boy time. The story of his nasty life. Blunder, bail, blunder, bail.

Now, Harriet, his work wife is leaving his side. Harriet Miers to step down as White House counselWhy? We're not given much of a clue although a Texas judge spot isn't beyond the realm of possibility as a nice reward for her continued loyalty and devotion to Lieboy as a good christian man.

Miers said it was "hard to leave the tasks at hand." She gave no reason for her departure. Snow called her "an extraordinarily wonderful human being, but also somebody who is a very careful and scrupulous lawyer, a ferocious defender of the Constitution, and somebody who was also deeply loyal to the president, and just somebody who is a delight to work with." Her departure, he said, was "bittersweet," but "she has decided that it's time to move on."

She has a look-a-like in Miami on CNN gnus, Susan Candiotti.

She could always get a TV "consultant" spot if she's up to that much spotlight. People might ask too many tricky questions. Such as...why did your boss ignore the terrorist attack warnings? Did you counsel him to ignore them? Or did he Decide that himself? Who had input? Oh, that's right, client/attorney privilege. She never has to tell. She's loyal to Dubya, not the U.S.



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