Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Maverick" Flip Floppers

Warner and Hagel voted against Warner's highly touted "critical" resolution and McConnell lead a filibuster in the Senate. Funny how they shrieked "Up or down vote, Up or down, UP OR DOWN!" if the Democrats even mentioned the word filibuster but right out of the chute in the 110th Congress there they go, lying and pretending to be bipartisan. Nothing's changed; Republicans are still assholes and obstructionists. What makes a man sell his soul to the devil, or are some born that way?
Senate Republican leaders pressured their most vocal anti-war critics into a test of party loyalty, using a procedural vote to save the administration a major embarrassment and stall Democratic plans to ratchet up pressure on the White House to begin pulling back from Iraq.


They can't have it both ways. WARner the neocon sycophant always votes with the mob after spouting lies of bipartisanship. Hagel lied about his vote for some nice sound bites to use as needed. He knows the ropes at rightwing radio. But his votes contradict those "brave" (lying) statements. Hagel Acquiesces
Forty-seven Democrats and two Republicans voted to open debate on the compromise resolution; 45 Republicans and one independent (Joe Lieberman) opposed it.

Roll Call Vote
On the Cloture Motion (Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to S. 470 )
No debate allowed. They're liars. Warner, Hagel, McCain, LIEberman, McConnell, Kyl, Lott...lying opportunists all.
Hagel proved he's full of hot air by folding to pressure from his "party"...running for prez so he's proving he's "patriotic" and as he put it not anti-war. A man of no conviction. Pro-surge. And let's not forget he was CEO of ES&S voting machines upon which he was "elected" overwhelmingly. Unheard of before numbers for a Republican. It doesn't look good.
Chuck Hagel was CEO of the company until shortly before his election to the United States Senate from Nebraska. The election was conducted almost exclusively on equipment provided by his former company.
Thom Hartmann explains further.

Warner, is one of two "men" (McCain) who told Chimpy he was qualified to decide what torture means and to whom it can be applied.

McCain, rightwad delusional hyprocrite had a sound bite for campaign use and skipped out on the vote to fill his campaign coffers instead. Texas offers cash and electoral stash. He avoided a "record" on the controversial vote. Maverick, my ass. He's a mercenary power-hungry coward.
Time:Arizona Sen. John McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said proponents of the nonbinding, bipartisan resolution were undermining national security. "This is a vote of no confidence in both the mission and the troops," he said.
The American public disagrees with you, John. Arrest them!

Anti-Iraq war protesters sit inside Sen. John McCain's (R-Az) office to protest funding for the war before being arrested on Capitol Hill in Washington February 5, 2007. REUTERS/Larry Downing


Bush wants more money for war out of the massive $2.9 TRILLION Budget.
His henchemen (the Greedy Mavericks) want to give him OUR money.

February 6, 2007,
Bush Discusses Fiscal Responsibility (Hahaha)


Very interesting site, (H/T aed at Liberal America)
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