Friday, April 06, 2007

King Dubya Catapulting

To Crawford via quickie to Fort Irwin, CA Great captive audience to boost the pre-Easter PR before yet another vacation in Crawford. 409 days on the "ranch" so far.
Bush has spent part or all of 409 days of his presidency on the 1,600-acre ranch, according to CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who keeps meticulous records of Bush's travel.
Bush shamelessly used troops to fundraise at our expense and catapult more propaganda. Official visits tossed in with money-makers enable the WH to bill the taxpayers.
Bush then left the Mojave Desert for the upscale Brentwood section of Los Angeles. There, at the home of friend Brad Freeman, he hoped to raise $2.2 million for the Republican National Committee before flying to his family ranch in Crawford, Texas.

"I've been to war" and "I'm a war president" or "I'm the decider"...favorite messages of the past. More tough guy bluster while shamelessly using troops for photo ops. Walter Reed. VA benefits. His veto will stop funding. Liar.
Preying On the Troops:

King George went ahead with the recess appointment/reward of Belgian Ambassadorship for Swiftboat financial backer, Sam Fox. The palm greasing continues unabated.

Recess appointments to install three disputed nominees, further angering lawmakers already unhappy with the administration for the aborted effort to put federal prosecutors in office without confirmation.

The White House might not have many more recess opportunities. Once it returns, the Senate is scheduled to be in session for seven consecutive weeks before breaking for Memorial Day, followed by another month in the run-up to the Fourth of July. But if Democrats become unhappy enough, they could conceivably discontinue recesses altogether.

Matthew Dowd, a key advisor to Bush in two election victories, became the first member of the president's inner circle to publicly break ranks, voicing disappointment over his strategy in Iraq in a New York Times interview.

"If the American public says they'’re done with something, our leaders have to understand what they want," the newspaper quoted Dowd as saying. "They're saying, 'Get out of Iraq.'" "I think he's become more ... secluded and bubbled-in," he said.

Bush says Dowd is just having a breakdown because his son is now deployable. He should send the twins and see if he can relate.

Bubble Boy still has fans...and Barney if he can catch him.


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