Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Perino: Snotty Little Liar

MS. PERINO: I think that there's no doubt that there was a period of unease at the Justice Department, and I think that the Attorney General tried to address that. I think he met with over 70 U.S. attorneys offices as he traveled around the country, and they gathered and they met over the course of two or three weeks. That was essential work to be done, because I think that there needed to be open lines of communication between main Justice and the U.S. attorneys' offices.

I think that now that the hearing is behind us and the Attorney General answered their questions and we have all of the documents turned over, I think that -- hopefully things are calming down. I think if you are on the press release distribution list from Department of Justice, you will see that they are not stopping at all, in terms of succeeding in their prosecutions.

Guess what, Dana? This isn't about what YOU think.
It's about the Attorney General LYING.
Crooks and Liars "I don't Recall" Gonzales.
When told by reporters that Gonzales had replied "I don't recall" 55 times in his first round of questioning, ranking committee Republican Sen. Arlen Specter quipped, "That's an improvement, I'd say."
It was 74 times

Press Briefing by the latest WH lying mouthpiece, Dana Perino.

Dana Perino is a nasty piece of work.
She learned well at Rove's knee.
So much for civility.
Moonie Times A recent exchange with Helen Thomas, who has covered every presidency since she followed the Kennedy campaign to Washington. When Miss Thomas, 86, kept firing questions at Mrs. Perino, 34, the presidential spokeswoman cut her off.
"Do you want me to answer the question, Helen, or do you want to ask questions? It's really hard to concentrate here. What's your question?" Mrs. Perino demanded.
Miss Thomas replied, "You repeat yourself so much that. ..."
"So do you," Mrs. Perino interrupted, then immediately called on another reporter.

It's interesting to note the Moonie Times refers to Dana as "Mrs. Perino" when her married name is McMahon. And of course, Miss Thomas.
She looks better with less makeup. Hehe.
The right refers to her as "hot" but she's more "cute" and snide.

How such huge lies can come out of such a tiny liar is a mystery.
Blame Iraq! It's their own fault we won't leave!

Dana thinks we should pat Fredo and Kyle on the back for not making up answers? Is she insane? A paid liar? An ideologue? Can she hear herself speaking? Did SHE see any of the hearings? She did say that they were "traveling" at the time. Is it possible she hasn't seen the whole thing?

Q Between them, the Attorney General and Kyle Sampson said, "I don't recall" over 200 times. Is there concern that at the top of the Justice Department, there's seems to be a massive lack of memory?

MS. PERINO: Victoria, I think that that is an outrageous comment. The Attorney General and Kyle Sampson are two of the most honorable people I know. And they were asked multiple questions in various different ways on the same topics in which they did not have full memory. Now what would have been dishonorable is if they had made it up. And they didn't. They were honest.

Q What's the status of whether Karl Rove and other White House aides -- when you talk about cooperating with Congress, what's the status of Karl Rove and other White House aides --

MS. PERINO: You know, I think the ball is still in the Democrats' court; they haven't decided whether or not to take us up on our offer.

She quickly changed the subject.

GSA Lurita Doan
Hatch Act of 1939

Rove Under Investigation

The administration will investigate itself
The Office of Special Counsel will investigate U.S. attorney firings and other political activities led by Karl Rove.

Also under investigation, Rove's investigator at OSC, Scott J. Bloch, another crooked Bush crony attempting to stop whistleblowers.

Republicans whine....GOP Issues a Warning on E-mail Probe
Brian McNicoll, a spokesman for Oversight and Government Reform Committee Republicans, warned that if Democrats want to broadly investigate the use of party e-mail accounts by administration officials, Republicans could extend this investigation back to the end of the Clinton administration as well.

Haven't they investigated every breath Clinton took already?

An absolute MUST READ from TPM Muckraker.


Aside:Why are pictures of Dana Perino so hard to find? There are NO recent pictures of her stint covering for Snow. Why is that?


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