Friday, May 18, 2007

Bush's War Czar

Bush War Czar
"I have chosen Lieutenant General Douglas Lute to serve as assistant to the president and deputy national security advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan," Bush said in a statement.

Bush said Lute, currently serving as the director of operations of the Joint Staff and a former leader of US military forces in the Middle East, "is a tremendously accomplished military leader who understands war and government and knows how to get things done."

Isn't the "Commander in Chief" supposed to oversee his own wars? Lute reports to Hadley who reports to Condi...who reports to Chimposaurus Hex who does the decideratin' and makes the decisions. After he talks to Dick.

New "War Czar" is really a "manager" says Lieboy in Chief.
The White House has avoided the term "war czar." Bush called Lute the "full-time manager" for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So Bush can have more vacations. Warmongerin' is harrd work.

Bush Pentagon War Czar
“Same-Day Service”


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