Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Commander Guy!

King George
May 2, 2007
The question is, who ought to make that decision? The Congress or the commanders? And as you know,
my position is clear --

I'm the commander guy.

He believes he has "all the authority" he needs. Cheney said so. He believes he's a Unitary Executive and the Supreme Court will back him up. He believes he is above the law. He believes he can do what he likes no matter what we the people think.He believes he can stop any unrest, we're just a focus group to him. His base will never desert him. The only way to stop him is to arrest him. Cheney first.
"If you're trying to goad me into attacking the media, you're crazy.

Ahhh, you can leave that to your henchthugs, Bubble Boy.
Projection...who's the crazy one?
The Commander Guy

Commander Guy Mission Accomplished

What the hell kind of a question is this?

And second is a personal question. What do you pray about, and how we can we pray for you?

The pResident: Thank you. blah blah blah bullshit lie blah blah.
The fact that you would ask the question, how can I pray for you, speaks volumes about the United States of America. I have been amazed by the fact that millions of Americans of all faith, all political backgrounds, pray for me and Laura. And it is unbelievably sustaining. It is comforting. It is humbling to be prayed for. Wisdom and strength, and my family, is what I'd like for you to pray for.

Right. Bush doesn't live a word of true faith and Christianity. It's humbling to be prayed for? His ego and power trip will land him in jail and he'll learn some true humility. See if it sustains him behind bars. If praying for wisdom worked he never could have stolen the elections. Creation of a theocracy within our government is NOT Constitutional. It's treason. The traitors belong in prison.


Anonymous Asta said...

That is absolutely hysterical.

So, with the Queen here in town for the Derby, and They sent out Cheney to greet her, did King George snub Elizabeth? Is he jealous of her wardrobe?

2:08 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Oh boy, the pics have been flying lately, hard to sift through so many. The Queen and Cheney. A goldmine. :)
Busy newsweeks allatime now.

4:10 PM  

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