Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vacatin' Bushes


Ahhhh, how nice. The Bushes are on vacation. Again.
Not-Jenna showed up to fish. Usually it's Jenna who hangs with Speedboater in Chief who has spent three days in a row fishing and resting up for his visit with Putin.
Jaws Bush

Bubble Boy is out of touch with reality.
NeoFascist II

Dubya's hatch day is approaching.
Give the man a birthday present.

If REAL people could get within ten miles of Bubble Boy....

UPDATE: Pootie has landed.
The Bush Cabal insists on taking him out of earshot.
Bushes Take Putin Out
Chilly ties on menu as Bush hosts Putin by the sea for "Lobster Summit"
Bush wanted to meet in an informal setting "so that the two leaders could interact more informally, and that's what the meeting at Kennebunkport will facilitate," a senior US administration official said.
Security at Kennebunkport was also restrictive, with police barricades halting at least 1,500 protesters a few hundred meters (yards) from the Bush compound after a march from the town center. The demand was to impeach Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Kennebunkport Protesters Demand Impeachment

Hang on Vladimir!
Hang On Vladimir

Ooops...forgot one...
killer One


Anonymous Asta said...

"Funny" does not even begin to describe this latest edition. "Brilliant" comes to mind.

I hate to ask this, but, is the water skier in the background one of our returning troops? Because it says so much on many levels.

If I can find the right words, it's like in Bush's world: Okay, so a GI lost his arms and one leg. But he can still water ski! So, Hey! What's with all the criticism?!?

4:11 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Hah! I hadn't thought of the troop angle, Asta. Very clever.
It could be an older Ali, the Iraqi (then 10yr old) boy who made internet fame for having both of his arms blown off and his family killed.
But to be honest I assumed my backwards water skier had his arms out as if flying, to steady himself.
In reality nobody gets anywhere near the Bush family. Total insulation. Do we pay for all that security and why is it necessary? What's he askeered of? The people? Hahahahaha. Didn't he unite us just like he said he would?

5:59 PM  

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