Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bushwhacked Economy

Another lying "press conference".
The pre-selected questioners asked WH-front-loaded questions prefaced by misinformation. Bush wasn't called on any lies. The compliant right wing MSM is just as responsible as this thieving administration for the rotten mess we're in.
Bush: Put Up Your Dukes

What do we all have left over to save every month? Invest? Hahahaha. What an insulting and disgusting jerk Bush really is. Save for your future? Most folks are living month to month and hoping nobody in the family gets sick.
As for reform of our health care system...we need universal health care for all, we're the only "civilized" country to bankrupt its citizens who have the misfortune to need medical care.

He met with his "economic advisers" and lied about our taxes. No questions allowed.He painted a rosy economic scenario. We all know foreclosures are up, up, up, nationwide. It's old news.
Bush blames the home owners. They should have read the fine print. We're headed into a major depression and it's going to blindside most Americans.
Struggling Middle Class

Liars. They want us in debt. We're more manageable that way.

A "soft landing" for whom? Bush and his thugs? Corporations?
Bush doesn't believe in helping Americans unless they're already wealthy and Republican.
All Your Money

Why isn't Congress helping the American people for whom they work?
Why has Congress continued to give Bush everything he wants?
Wiretap Congress


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