Monday, September 17, 2007

A Special Place in Hell

For pedophiles like John David Roy Atchison, Assistant United States Attorney from Northern Florida, I hope there's a worse hell than the one he created for his small victims. He had been communicating with a woman he thought was the child's mother in Detroit. She was an undercover cop. He thought she had a five year old daughter with whom he allegedly wanted to have sex.
John David Roy Atchison, USAttorney Pedophile
During continuous conversations, he expressed a desire to engage in oral, vaginal and anal sex with her fictitious daughter, records show. At one point, he wrote: “I’m always gentle and loving; not to worry; no damage ever; no rough stuff ever ever.” He assured the undercover officer that the girl would not need medical attention, saying, “I can be absolutely sure; just gotta go slow and very easy is how; I’ve done it plenty.”

I note they've put him into some sort of protective vest, I'm sure there are many parents (and non-parents) who'd like to have a crack at him before his "trial".
Atchison Mug Shot Vest
Video of a TV reporter on location US District Court in Detroit, WXYZ Action News.
No footage of the sicko. Yet.
He is president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association, a youth athletics organization. He described himself online as a family man. His wife is a science teacher at Gulf Breeze High School.

Atchison's boss, Gregory Miller, was appointed by pResident Bush in 2002 as US Attorney for Northern Florida. He was proud of his record of hunting down pedophiles who use the internet to lure their prey or who possess child pornography.
Gregory Miller USA N Florida
Just two examples:
Man Sentenced on possession, receipt and production of child pornography
Gregory R. Miller, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida, announced that Joaquin Gomes was sentenced this week in Gainesville, Florida, to a total of fifty (50) years imprisonment for federal crimes related to the possession, receipt and production of child pornography.
Internet Solicitation of a minor
United States Attorney Miller affirmed the commitment of his office and federal agencies in partnership with State and local agencies to vigorously work to protect the children of the Northern District of Florida from this danger.

Yes, he's able (PR-wise) to capture them all...unless they're under his nose. The rest of his time is spent hunting down terra-ists for boy George. And this is the same US Attorney who agreed the boot camp beating of fourteen year old Martin Lee Anderson last year wasn't responsible for his death. Anyone who saw that video knows that child was killed while in custody. Miller's perfect for this torturing racist cruel administration.

I wonder if he knew Atchison had also applied for a liquor license last year. To what end?

Almost 5,000 vie for liquor licenses
BY B.J. DAVIS Gulf Breeze News

As the final liquor license applications trickle in, the list of those vying for the 17 spots continues to grow. As of June 5, (2006) the weekly updated list found on the Florida Department of Business and Profession Regulation had 4,763 logged.

And he calls himself a family man.
Atchison's party affiliation isn't given, but his boss Miller is a GOPer who was doing such a good job Gonzo didn't need to have him fired, his priorities are the Bush administration's priorities. Every single one of these bizarre pedophiles turns out to be a strange, what HAS happened to the Republican Party to produce such deviant behavior. Hmmmm. Then again, perhaps Mr. Atchison was so busy coaching kids playing sports in Gulf Breeze he didn't have much time for politics.

UPDATE: Yup, as I suspected, he's a Republican. They usually are.
As of 3/31/07
He was a registered Republican according to records from the Florida Division of Elections which I purchase periodically.
(Unless there's is another John David Roy Atchison in Gulf Breeze born in 1954.)
by kansasr

At kos:
Republican Federal Prosecutor Arrested In Child Sex Sting UPDATED

Atchison Indicted and Remains in Custody
The charges; Attempted enticement of a minor using the Internet; Aggravated sexual abuse; Traveling across state lines to have sex with someone under 12. He's entered a not guilty plea. A site has shown up with more revolting details:
Under the user name fldaddy04 and captioned "Experienced, understanding Daddy," Atchison allegedly described himself in his profile as: "Handsome, educated, professional, experienced Daddy. I love younger girls. Like everything about you ... how you think, talk, act. I’m very understanding and supportive ... never ever judgmental."
The Internet profile goes on to say that he would like to "pamper, spoil, change and take care of" girls.
His general interests are listed as "surfing, diving, boating ... everything to do with the water ... music and cute girls."
Atchison arrived at the airport Sunday with a Dora the Explorer doll, hoop earrings and petroleum jelly.

US Attorney Gregory Miller's office says they're "deeply saddened" by the allegations. No denials. No defense. It looks like Atchison is on his own...and off suicide watch.

UPDATE: For Freepers and GOP members who refuse to believe it's the Republican Party with the history of perversion, a partial list here.

UPDATE: Atchison tried to hang himself in his jail cell. Back into the protective isolation suit in which he was booked? Atchison lied to the judge, he's NOT "okay" in the general jail population. Not even from himself.
CBS4) DETROIT A Florida prosecutor who allegedly flew to Michigan to have a sexual encounter with a 5-year-old girl has reportedly tried to hang himself in his jail cell.
John D.R. Atchison was being held on federal child sex solicitation charges at the Sanilac County Jail, 75 miles north of Detroit. When a cell mate shouted that Atchison was trying to hang himself with a sheet, guards stepped in and stopped him.

Another link documenting Republican aberrant behavior. This subject appears to be very disturbing to Mr. Atchison's fellow GOP members. Denial; it's a big part of buying the lies. They can't handle the truth.

Atchison committed suicide.
John D.R. Atchison, the federal prosecutor who was arrested in an Internet sex sting after he allegedly traveled to Michigan from Florida to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, hanged himself in a Michigan federal prison Friday morning.

Atchison, 53, of Pensacola, Fla., was put on suicide watch after he used a bed sheet in an attempted suicide in September. Detroit police confirmed Atchison's suicide death at 10:14 a.m. Friday. They have not released any details.
Atchison's attorney, James C. Thomas, released a statement Friday: “We are deeply saddened to learn the death of John Roy Atchison. Our heartfelt regrets go out to his wife and children, his parents and his brothers and sisters. This is a man who has done a lot of good in his life. Unfortunately, he is going to be judged by his most recent charges and what we have read in the media, and not by the goodness, hard work or by the love of his family. I expect to be filing a Suggestion of Death and will request the federal judge to dismiss the case once I receive the necessary documents.”

Atchison Commits Suicide.
A federal prosecutor arrested during a sex sting in Detroit last month died by hanging himself inside his cell at a federal detention facility Friday, authorities said.

J.D. Roy Atchison, 53, of Gulf Breeze was found unresponsive in his cell Friday morning in the special housing unit of the Federal Correctional Institution in Milan, Mich. Atchison was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead at 10:17 a.m, federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman Mike Truman said. “His death appears to be the result of suicide,” Truman said. “A thorough investigation is under way.”

It was clear Atchison would attempt suicide again after his first try at hanging himself failed. Somebody took their eye off the ball...he should have been under camera surveillance 24/7 and certainly not allowed access to hanging materials.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is an alleged sex offender. People ARE innoncent until proven guilty. Get a life!!!

10:52 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Can you read? I said "with whom he allegedly wanted to have sex" in my first paragraph. I hope his little alleged victims can "get a life" after what he has allegedly done to them, slow and easy.
Perhaps you can offer some support to his family in Gulf Breeze, also "alleged" victims of yet another alleged Republican hypocritical sick pervert. Save your ire for the alleged victims. You should show up in court to show your support for Mr. Atchison instead of spewing your alleged outrage here. Methinks anonymous doth protest too much.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Asta said...

Well, as far as I'm concerned, he's guilty based simply on his Republi-neocon affiliations. All these bastards have warped views on sexuality. And hey, I don't think I am painting with too broad a brush.

BTW, Anonymous, Panda has a wonderful life, so get off her case.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Thanks, Asta! That's exactly what's been happening to the GOP of the new millennium. They're not even real Republicans, they just stole the name. Barry Goldwater must be turning over in his grave with shame for what his "party" has become. They intrude and shriek about the private sex lives of normal healthy people while underground the whole time sickly indulging in acts we can only imagine in our wildest nightmares.
They're against gay marriage, women's rights, abortion, yet indulge in pedophilia, hire hookers, dress in diapers, hang out with a wide stance in restrooms in airports and all sorts of bizarre acts in secret. Repressed mentally ill sicko creeps. I don't care what consenting adults do with each other...but they do. Envy or some sick need to control...who the hell knows.

BUT, jail's too good for men convicted of molesting small girls and boys. That's akin to murder.
I ache for the other alleged little girls who allegedly had a soft and nice horror-filled encounter with the alleged "man" or as he put it boyfriend, John David Roy Atchison. However, I wouldn't put it past Atchison to claim HE was the one undercover since August, attempting to entrap mothers who allow their children to be used by alleged men for sex. If I were his lawyer, that's what I'd suggest as a defense. Unless other alleged victims show up he could still claim he's been set up. The alleged pedophile could still slide, innocent or guilty.
Seems to have touched a nerve with anonymous, eh?

4:43 PM  
Anonymous thumbsupinva said...

how damned "alleged" can it be when they have hard evidence that he said this???

yes indeed me thinks 'anonymous' doth protest too much too.

glad to see you're back up and running on full blast, miss p. you really did your homework on this one. great job.


2:18 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Thanks, thumbsupinva, I appreciate the comment. If you've ever been over to the very scary and read what right wing freepers have to say, often with no supporting evidence, no corroboration and no facts, they were gung ho to have this Atchison creature strung up and/or killed, as long as they could pretend he was a Democrat. They've fallen oddly silent on Atchison knowing that he's a Republican, just like the majority of the other undercover twisted perverts who have come to light. They really need to examine why they support a party that is so full of hypocrisy, subjugation and mental illness. "Values voters" would do well to reevaluate their blind support of the GOP. They're not who they say they are. Raping and pillaging is SOP in this GOP. The party whose values benefit the majority is still the Democratic Party. The current GOP is lacking in ANY values other than I've got mine so fuck you. To vote Republican is to vote in one's own worst interests.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous You Liar said...

Typical Demonrat crap. No facts. Just rumors. Same old lies. You give a dyke's blog as your link for supposed Republicans being perverts? how believable is that? Not. It doesn't matter if he's a Republican or a Democrat.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

You liar? Such denial isn't healthy for you. Look up each and every one of the "people" in the provided links and you'll discover the truth...if you can deal with it. Otherwise, go right back to blindly supporting the hypocrisy and perversions of the GOP, it's where you belong after making such a disgusting comment.
It does matter...Republicans are obsessed with the private lives of Americans and busily passing laws that intrude into our bedrooms and bodies. It's a sick and hypocritical preoccupation. It most certainly DOES matter.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Asta said...

ohferpetes'sake. You Liar, have you not a clue? The rightwingers have such a twisted view of sister-in-law is married to a prominent NeoCon, and truly believes that it is NOT ADULTERY to have group sex with other married couples. I am like...WTF!? about that, because ... it just doesn't make sense. Adultery is Adultery, no? But these asshats have a way of finding a way out of being responsible and accountable.

I am sick to death of the NeoCon hypocrisy and "YouLiar" should be as well. If you aren't, then you don't have a conscience.

And if you aren't a coward, come back here and debate Panda (and me, because I am paying attention to your ilk, I am in the mood).

4:29 PM  
Blogger Kely said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Asta said...

I just read your update and The Raw Story article, and it has made me very, very ill.

This is beyond "sick". Is there a word for this kind of depraved behavior?

3:52 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

OMG...I'm sure you've seen the latest Las Vegas, Nye County police requests for information on this little girl. Help Nye County Identify Young Child Victim and Male Suspect.
It's so disgusting. Beyond sickening.
There is video of the girl is being sexually assaulted by an adult male.
Castration is too good for these sick bastards.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an evil man

12:32 PM  

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