Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Gore

Just imagine if the MSM had been telling the truth.



We have another chance

Vision Solutions Hope

Panda Please

Oh, this is rich.
Now Dubya the Dumb wants to be known as the Conservation President.
Hahahahahaha. Signed a bill to protect Rockfish for fishermen. Held an owl.
"Pretty awesome-looking stare," the president said of the owl, before taking a short stroll on a path near the lake and making his announcement of new habitat policies.

Conservation President
Then he went fishing. He and Dick had crab cakes.
"There's nothing like catching a big striper," the president said, minutes before hopping aboard Semper Fidelis III, a vessel captained by Ed O'Brien, vice president of the Maryland Charter Boat Association.

Bush joked that it was "good news" that there was decent fishing nearby, because "the Secret Service won't let me go hunting" with Cheney, who accidentally shot a friend during a 2006 hunting trip.

This is only the FIRST TIME Darth has had Decider over for lunch?

On this, his first visit to Mr. Cheney’s St. Michaels home, a popular weekend getaway spot for Washington V.I.P., Laura Bush went on ahead to lunch while he signed the order. “Guess you could say she’s the taster,” he said.

Laura Bush Taster

Compassionate cooperative conservation
More Bass for Bush

Fishing with Bush in Maryland


Cruising with Dick

Bush Fishing St Michaels
I really enjoyed doing this one...hahaha...yeah, whatever.


Anonymous Asta said...

Somehow, someway, Bush just made a few more friends of his wealthier. It's not about preservation, it's about funneling money into his cronies' pockets.

3:41 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

All he really likes to do is fish and golf. And obsessively ride his trike. I agree, cronies were enabled, as usual.
It's Quid Pro Quo. GOP SOP.

How anyone in their right mind, er, sane mind, can still support him is almost unfathomable. But the same propagandized mind control happened in Nazi Germany. Some people prefer to remain willfully ignorant. They refuse to accept facts that contradict their narrow unsubstantiated view of reality. They need to be told what to do. And some people are just greedy crooks out for themselves.

3:53 AM  

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