Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Behind Schedule

So much has gone on in the past couple of weeks. Southern California was on fire. Strike teams were on the move. My mother had an MI and could have died, so I'm a bit distracted. Things I'd had in the pre-bin:
Shitboy does California
Shitboy Does California

Decider Commander Guy
Decider  Commander Guy

Out of harm's way...as usual.
Heroes vs Cowards

Faith-based Hero Boy Bush
Photo Op Crusader


Anonymous Asta said...

Your graphics are brilliant, not in the color way thingie, (well maybe) but in the intellectual way brilliant.

The one with the windows of Air Force One and the different views...damn, that's Genius.

I understand all the graphics you create for your blog. I GET IT. You have some subtle messages in the images which I find intriguing, particularly the one of Air Force One dropping blood on the fire.

You tell it like it is, which is why I admire you so.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Damn, Asta...don't go making me cry right now in my zany and out of the loop state. Thank you. This is a timely and much appreciated boost to my morale. Oh boy...thanks.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Panda

I hope your Mom has recovered. I like our graphics too, so I'm going to steal them all and put them on Zazzle products and give you 50 percent of the profits of each items sold.

My girlfriend gets 50 percent and you get the other 50 percent. I love women and I love talent so if you please let me steal your stuff LOL and you'll get rewarded handsomely oh and please set up a paypal account so we can give you 50 percent of the profits. OK?

Of course I will keep the Gahzette logo on your items. I will make t shirts, mugs, mousepads and even watches, and jigsaw puzzles and even dinner plates.

Every item sold of yours will show up and will have an accounting for and you will get a paypal payment

It appears about the point where you get something for your art.

You can drop me a line at info@dmocrats.org if you set up a paypal account and want to do this. If not then also tell me then I will remove the products LOL.

www.dmocrats.org aka buckfush7

8:04 AM  

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