Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Commander Guy Does theTroops

Every Christmas Eve, Commander Guy the Decider calls the troops, or more accurately, a couple of troops, to wish them happy holidays while they're stuck fighting his wars. Pass it on troops, Merry Xmas from Dubya and Pickles, happy holidays to all.
Before he heads off to have his real vacation in Crawford, he stops by Camp David, dons a sweater, and/or his blue Christmas shirt, poses for WH photographer Draper and makes his happy phone call. From major combat operations having ended in May of 2003 to kicking ass in the summer of 2007....George Bush is a fucking liar.

2003 Troop Call

2004 Troops Call

2005 Troop Call

2006 Troops Call

2007 Troops Call

"No one suffers more than their pResident and I do" Pickles said.
Thanks fer fightin' mah war fer oil. Suckers!
This decideratin' is haaarrrrd work.

Hmmmm....same shirt in three out of five pictures, all on December 24th of different years, 2003 to 2007. Parachute jacket covered it in 2005, bulky sweater in 2003 before they really got the PR thang down. (A "gay" sweater maybe per McCain?) But how coincidental could that be? The same shirt in '04, '06, and '07. Maybe one of the twins gave it to him. Only Eric Draper knows for sure.


Anonymous Asta said...

Hey, left a comment over at Che Pasa's (felix) place about how I thought Musharraf reminded me of Milton Waddams in "Office Space" and I think it made him laugh. He wrote back "haw! Got to remember that one." So.....

I thought of you and your photoshop skills and I thought it might be funny if you photoshopped Musharraf with a red stapler, babbling on about how he can't find his red stapler, who took it, and he was going to burn down the office building. Of course the stapler is a metaphor but of what, I just don't know yet. The more politically savvy folks will figure that out, for me it's just a humorous image.

Did you catch that post at Left Edge of the photo of Season's Greetings from George and Laura's Bush? OMG! I almost fell out of my chair -- my eyes! My eyes!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

That pic of the, ahem, Bushes, caught me off guard. Hahahaha.

3:15 PM  

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