Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rudy Giuliani is a Lying Sack of Shit

Rudy Giuliani - Liar
Crappy radios caused the death of 343 NYFD Firefighters and Paramedics on 9/11. Everybody knew the radios sucked. Rudy Giuliani is responsible. During a major incident there should be communication between PD and FD...there wasn't. Communications were a shambles.
Thanks, Rudy, you lying asshole.
Instead of taking care of NYC, Rudy was having a great time.
At the taxpayer's expense.

On Rudy's Watch

He's pretending to be a hero...he's not. All he did was NOT leave town. Big fucking deal...he did photo ops. That's IT. He's stupid beyond belief. With Chickenhawk Bush "out of harm's way" Rudy was visible on the tube while Commander Guy was AWOL again. By comparison, his presence in NY appeared heroic. It wasn't.
Rudy is a crook. He's a jerk. He has no principles. And he's dumb as dirt.

Lying Rudy

Firefighters with NYFD detest Rudy Julie Annie. They're enraged, and rightly so.
Giuliani and Trump...Rudy in drag.
And this creature thinks he's Presidential material?

Mister Nine Eleven

Noun + verb + 9/11 = Rudy Giuliani
"He is genuinely not qualified to be president."-Sen. Joe Biden


Deputy Chief Jim Riches.
"He's not the hero of 9/11...he just lies, he doesn't tell the truth."

Lying Sack of putrid SHIT!
Miss Nine Eleven



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