Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa! Please! It's Edwards!

John Edwards - America Rising
I hate that our fate is in your hands Iowa. I hate that you get to decide for me. I hate that my voice isn't heard, again. In 2004, you ruled out my first choice. It's not the first time you've ruled out my first choice. I haven't forgiven you yet.
Swell Edwards
You can make up for ALL of it by caucusing tonight...SHOW UP...and backing John Edwards for our next president of the United States. We need somebody who will fight for US instead of the corporations. John Edwards will fight for us. Don't let me down again, Iowa! Please. Democrats! Get out there no matter how cold the MSM keeps telling us it is! Put on a jacket...get going! And to those Edwards supporters in Iowa doing the canvassing, making the phone calls, doing the work in the trenches, KUDOS, my hat's off to all of you. Thank you.

Fight Vision Determination

No offense meant to you personally Iowans, but what if we Californians decided for YOU who your next president might be and your choice was eliminated by US? How would YOU like it? I didn't like your choice in 2004. And look at what happened. Make up for it now. John Edwards!

Edwards 2008


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