Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today was such a disappointment

John Edwards bowed out. We don't know why.
Could it have been the Kennedy juggernaut for Obama? Could it have been something worse, something to do with Elizabeth's cancer? I sure as hell hope it's not the latter.
John Edwards had inspired me. Has inspired me, ala Gore. I'd been paying close attention to John once I realized my "true love" man, Al Gore, wasn't going to enter the fray. Edwards is real. Gore is real. Jesus, what if they had enough delegates in August to pull out a draft Gore/Edwards movement...something so totally wonderful it could never happen.
John Edwards - Backbone
I'm still filling out those family ballots over which I have such sway...still Edwards for president. Delegates, baby, delegates. I did it for Dean too. It bore no fruit that time but John Edwards has the union/labor vote sewn up if they just hear his message. There could be a Boomer Revolution at the Convention. In my dreams. Always in my dreams.

There are initiatives I have to study too.
Indian gaming and Ahnuld chicanery, among other things.


And astonishingly (NOT) Mukasey stood up for administration torture.
"We may not maim, we may not rape." Mukasey, AG of the US.

September of 2006, John McCain agreed, we don't really torture.

We got a good warning in December of 2007.
Mukasey Dick Puppet

Just warming up....

Yeah, yeah, no matter what's served up.
I'll vote pro-union and pro-labor, pro the REAL person paying taxes.
I'm an old time REAL Democrat. We believe in EVERYONE benefiting.
Aren't we allowed a couple of days to grieve the loss of the one we saw as the best candidate for the job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just googled "Edwards is such a disappointment" and your blog was the first hit. A blog from 2008 before all the garbage came out on him. I'm watching 20/20 today, June 2011. I still can't believe he ruined his reputation and destroyed his family over that ridiculous "blonde". I feel horrible for his wife, his children and that baby girl that will grow up and read about all this.
I'm looking at him now... the smile, the speeches, the deceit. My only hope is that some men learn from this. Infidelity and all the hurt and destruction it leaves in it's path. Is it really worth it?

12:17 AM  

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