Sunday, April 13, 2008

BFEE Plans

The BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire) has future plans, there can be no doubt.
BFEE 8 More Years
The next president faces mayhem. No matter what he she or it does, it will be blamed for everything done by Bush/Cheney. The Bush family likes power and dough. We haven't seen the last of them.

No Tengo Futuro -Jeb Pig-Nose Bush, Jan.1, 2007
Jeb Bush Ponders Future, Not Knowing What It Holds
MIAMI, Jan. 1 — When the same old irksome question popped up recently at one of his final public events here, Gov. Jeb Bush, addressing Spanish-speaking reporters, gave an atypically dramatic answer: “Yo no tengo futuro,” or “I have no future.”
Mr. Bush’s spokeswoman said last week that he made the comment jokingly, and when asked about it later in an e-mail message, Mr. Bush himself replied, “I was misunderstood by a reporter.”

He did not elaborate, leaving the world to know only this much: Half his life after he arrived in Miami as a 27-year-old real estate salesman, Governor Bush returns here this week without the title before his name and, he insists, without knowing what his future holds.

“We’re in the preface of the new book in my life and I just don’t know yet,” he told reporters last month in Tallahassee, a day after his official portrait, with a Bible and a BlackBerry in the background, was unveiled at the Governor’s Mansion. “I’m going to take some time off, hopefully do a little fishing, golfing, resting, reading, exercising. And I’ve got to make a living, so I’ll figure it out probably in January.”


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