Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mayday May Day

GOP Karma
It's International Workers' Day...but not in the USA where corporations and crooked politicians run the show.
In many countries, May Day is synonymous with International Workers' Day, or Labour Day, which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. As a day of celebration the holiday has ancient origins, and it can relate to many customs that have survived into modern times

No More

Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.
Mission Accomplished May 1, 2003

Mission Accomplished X 5
Adventures of Panda

Fertility Drugs

Conga Time


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is also a call of distress, for a situation in which a vessel, aircraft, vehicle, or person is in grave and imminent danger and requires immediate assistance.

just found your blog in Craiger's bookmarks. enjoyed browsing through your writings ... inasmuch as I detest the speakings of a particular man I will, nonetheless, use one of his favorite words to relay my thoughts on reading your blogs ... "ditto"
Well done neighbor.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Why, thank you! Glad you stopped by.
Yes, I do believe we are in a distressing situation and in imminent danger.
Thanks, neighbor. :)

12:42 AM  

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