Thursday, May 08, 2008

Our Spineless Democratic "Leadership"

They're on the take themselves and/or spineless.
If we want our country back we must hold the crooked GOP thugs accountable for their war crimes and their theft of our treasury. "What will we tell the children?" That lying, stealing and killing are American characteristics?

God to DLC

As a Democrat I'm ashamed of my party's behavior, sick of their lying, disgusted by their cowardice and I'm very very angry.

Angry Democrats

Conyers is an exception, but he never gets too far.
He's getting our hopes up many times can Congress let us down?

A House Judiciary subcommittee voted to force one of Dick's aides, David Addington, to testify about torture policy. Conyers can subpoena him but the WH can claim executive privilege for Dick's fourth branch of government. Harriet Miers was subpoenaed but she never showed up. As Dick sez, "SO?"
Conyers said he remained hopeful that Addington, who has so far refused to appear before the committee, would change his mind. If not, said Conyers, he would employ "more prodding through the legislative, coercive process — non-violent, of course."

A spokeswoman for Cheney's office said that Addington stands by his refusal.

The lines are drawn already even though he's supposed to testify in June. I won't be holding my breath:
David Addington was served with the subpoena shortly after the House Judiciary Committee approved it Tuesday morning, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

Cheney's office told the committee last week Addington would appear before a Judiciary subcommittee if subpoenaed, but only if the panel limited its questions.


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