Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Dump

The week ended with a smirky Lieboy changing HUD heads. The final few months of this nightmare will wrap with all the legal "I"s dotted and "T"s crossed. Immunity from prosecution is their basic focus for 2008, so far, so good. They're getting away with murder. They're guilty of treason, it's NEVER too late to impeach!

Oh please sir, may I have more? McSame will provide it...more lies and war. He's a vengeful wound-up little bastard, Cindy-the-beer-heiress wears a lot of flats when she's around the vicious shrimp. I'm exhausted by politics and haven't been able to watch the wretched cable pundits' propaganda. Besides, it's hard to hear them over the screaming and swearing...yes, coming from me. Mostly Oh, Fuck You! because it's utter bullshit and lying sparkly crap. They only let us use the tubes to blow off steam so we don't riot. They "allow" us the illusion of freedom as they clamp down in courts across America. They won't cut us off yet...later maybe...martial law for whatever reason. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility with the neocon thugs. It would be as dumb a move as a new draft for Echo Boomers. That was a very shrewd calculation on their part, torturing the same troops over and over leaves fewer witnesses, fewer families to support, fewer troops to give disability checks to. Rumsfeld favored bombing the shit out of stuff. Troops are there for their buddies, many of them want out. That's not an all volunteer military. We want them out. And they deny this is fascism. What else would you call it? Torture, walls, IDs, spying, locking us in, fixing the books and the laws to cover all their crimes from murder to theft and everything imaginable in between. There are no limits to their cruelty. They live in fear of us, the people, so they must disable us. Bunch of psychopaths run the world, mentally defective, conscienceless.

Quid Pro Quo

I had the vile experience of listening to Peter Schweizer, conservative "author" on C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning and almost lost my coffee. What a fucking asshole lying smug sack of shit. I hope nobody buys his " I say in my book" piece of garbage. A mouthpiece of TPs and LIES. Rotten way to start the day; he says that Conservatives are the true "givers" in society and far more generous than Liberals who are selfish, greedy and think only of themselves. He repeated it several times. Riiiiight. Thankfully there were two sane callers, one of whom said, "You're ridiculous", I applauded.

Clips from his page to pimp his book:

* Liberals are more self-centered than conservatives.
* Conservatives are more generous and charitable than liberals.
* Liberals are more envious and less hardworking than conservatives.
* Conservatives value truth more than liberals, and are less prone to cheating and lying.
* Liberals are more angry than conservatives.
* Conservatives are actually more knowledgeable than liberals.
* Liberals are more dissatisfied and unhappy than conservatives.

In what alternate universe does this idiotic twerp live? Parasitic blood sucker making a buck shoveling propaganda for the regime. Total asshole. Total bullshit. Scaife might have to buy up these books too. Limpballs will promote it, but reading is just so, oh, retro out there in Frontierland, Fantasyland and SUVville. Maybe Rush's audience will get lucky and a mini documentary can be made just for them. By Disney/ABC. Right up their alley.

* Seventy-one percent of conservatives say you have an obligation to care for a seriously injured spouse or parent versus less than half (46 percent) of liberals.

* Conservatives have a better work ethic and are much less likely to call in sick than their liberal counterparts.

* Liberals are 2½ times more likely to be resentful of others’ success and 50 percent more likely to be jealous of other people’s good luck.

* Liberals are 2 times more likely to say it is okay to cheat the government out of welfare money you don’t deserve.

* Conservatives are more likely than liberals to hug their children and “significantly more likely” to display positive nurturing emotions.

* Liberals are less trusting of family members and much less likely to stay in touch with their parents.

* Do you get satisfaction from putting someone else’s happiness ahead of your own? Fifty-five percent of conservatives said yes versus only 20 percent of liberals.

* Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Reagan, Bill O’Reilly and Dick Cheney have given large sums of money to people in need, while Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, and Al Gore have not.

* Those who are “very liberal” are 3 times more likely than conservatives to throw things when they get angry.

That last one...of COURSE Liberals are angry....we've been taking it in the ass for decades! Fuck YOU, Schweizer! If only he was within range for me to chuck huge hard objects at his twisted noggin....

Jesus christ. If ghod sent lighting bolts to blatant liars he'd be on fire. Hoo boy, continuing in the GOP mold...make shit up. Where the hell would a guy get "stats" like these? Why, FROM HIMSELF!
Peter Schweizer has dug deep—through tax documents, scholarly data, primary opinion research surveys, and private records—and has discovered that these claims are a myth. Indeed, he shows that many of these claims actually apply more to liberals than conservatives.
So, I switched the channel to MSRNC or CNN, I forget which, to hear a pundit with whom I'm not familiar, Jim Warren of the Chicago Tribune, saying poor white single mothers would rather vote for McCain than for Obama. Is he fucking nuts? Can he read voting records of the candidates? Does insanity run in his family? Is he just another tool? Click....


It's no wonder television is impossible to bear. I'd rather hear the informed callers on Randi Rhodes' and Mike Malloy's radio shows. The deluded Mr. Asswipe Schweizer has written a book of fiction reminiscent of St. Teflon's "facts are stupid things" and by golly Jelly-Bean-Brains was right.

BTW Randi Rhodes has fallen back into the bad habit of rudely interrupting callers since she moved to NOVA, and it's not nice. I find myself saying Shut UP, Randi and let him TALK! There was one yesterday and one today in which she clearly insulted a listener with correct information to share with us. Her researchers need her to stall while they google and she's not wearing her listening ears. She's been a bit wrong lately. be contd.

In the meantime perhaps Obama will insist upon John Edwards as his running mate. That would be great for the nation's poor and downtrodden "conservatives" adore so much...Edwards cares.

McCain Voters....

McCain Voters

Hat Tips: GangOfNone-Liberal America, and Mr. Natural at
Left Edge North his copy is much cleaner.


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Blogger Panda said...

Hola, Natch! I'm game if you're game! But first we have to stir up the willfully uninformed ignorant consuming masses, there's power in HUUUUUGE numbers; apparently it has to be millions upon millions upon millions to not be considered "a focus group" by those bastards in our White House. Lying sacks of shit!~

STORM THE BASTILLE, er, White House and arrest the traitors to the Constition of the United States of America.

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