Monday, July 21, 2008

Takin' a Train to Rerun City

Happy day everybody, I've had one hellacious week (give or take 37) and if television's Craig Ferguson can do it, so can I. Reruns. Don't blame me, I just work here. Excuse me missus, down in front. You too ladies. ;)

Janet Jackson's nipple is back in the headlines. Yay for tits.
Condi Boob

Fear. Always on topic for the GOP.

"I hear the voices"
said The Decider.

I Hear  The Voices

Mmmm...August at the fake ranch is right around the corner.

Condi, baby. Loyal Li'l Tanker Gal.
Bush's  Baby

Condeee and Lieboy

Can't decide....I have a hell of a lot of pics in my archives...I need a clone to help myself keep up. Always learning...that part I love...always trying to get organized...that part I do grudgingly.




Bush Booed

Same Wavelength

Free Tibet

War Criminals

War Crimes


War Criminals Dick and Don


Dubya's Scooter

Bush Bucks Ahoy

Crawford Vacation

Bush Fishing St Michaels

A caboose may follow....

Panda Brick Road

Speaking of Craig Ferguson, he's the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas.


...I'll follow the sun....


Anonymous aed said...

Nothing wrong with reruns. The shot of Shitboy in his presidential underwear is just as funny the second time around! Hahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh, Panda. I needed it.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

You're welcome, aed. Sometimes I have so many pics in the tank I can't decide what the hell to do...and other times can't zero in on my focus. So many crimes, so little time...

1:20 PM  

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