Saturday, August 02, 2008

August Already?

Inner Tube Interlude.
I've been out of the news's in session, baby.
I attended two parties this weekend.
As different as night and day. And fun.

Shirley Bassey...did somebody say class...yup, and kick some ass....

Just another Welsh singer from Cardiff....Gooooldfinger...
She's a dame alright...and holding up VERY nicely.
What a voice! BTW...she's 71...right on! LIVE it!

The Living Tree
Let me dance
'Til my shoes cry
Let me laugh
Let me be

Let me dance
Let me choose my life
Let me climb the living tree

Pink link
(bonus:Dear Mr. President)


Dancing is SO good for the soul!
Singing feels fantastic!
Life just can't always be about what we THINK.

I wonder how many lies the BFEE as a criminal entity of corporate killers and thugs tells in just one hour of one day? In one minute? Things that make you go, hmmmmmm.

The GOP convention should be interesting. Hahaha.
Fred Phelps Face of GOP

Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, "church" of professional hater Fred Phelps, somehow caught fire. Phelps says that this won't stop him from spreading his digusting message of hatred. Whoever set the fire is wrong and should be in prison, I wouldn't put it past the psychotic Phelps klan to have set it themselves.
Story here.

And furthermore
I've gotten into a little Dame Shirley Bassey kick...I first heard her on English TV when I was a child...she's from Wales...and now she's just fabulous and inspiring. Awesome voice and just a killer attitude grabbing life by the balls full bore. She sounds GREAT. She and Tina Turner are THE Divas.


THIS IS MY LIFE remix on album "Get The Party Started"

This is MY LIFE!

Welsh flag flying!
Live: Get The Party Started


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please check your facts: Fred Phelps does NOT like the GOP. You never saw his "God Hates McCain" or "[Gay] Pimp Bush" signs?

And from wikipidea, his electoral history as a Democrat!!!!: Democratic primary for Governor of Kansas, 1990

Joan Finney: 81,250 (47.18%)
John Carlin: 79,406 (46.11%)
Fred Phelps: 11,572 (6.72%)
Democratic primary for United States Senate, Kansas 1992

Gloria O'Dell: 111,015 (69.20%)
Fred Phelps: 49,416 (30.80%)
Democratic primary for Governor of Kansas, 1994

Jim Slattery: 84,389 (53.02%)
Joan Wagnon: 42,115 (26.46%)
James Francisco: 16,048 (10.08%)
Leslie Kitchenmaster: 11,253 (7.07%)
Fred Phelps: 5,349 (3.36%)
Democratic primary for Governor of Kansas, 1998

Tom Sawyer: 88,248 (85.28%)
Fred Phelps: 15,233 (14.72%)

Andrew Bushard

3:59 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Right, he's just your typical Democrat. Sigh.
Nomenclature is irrelevant in his case, he can "register" however he likes but he's NO DEMOCRAT. His actions belie any connection to the Democratic Party.
He spews GOP TPs. The GOP is the party of homophobia and racism. He behaves a lot like many Republicans. Religious wingnuts are much more likely to identify with the GOP which hypocritally espouses "Christian values" while behaving contrary to all they say in public. The Democratic Party is the place where ALL religions and/or no religion at all are accepted.
Read the party platforms. He fits right in with the Republican Party, not the Democratic party.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

phelps is actualy a democrat, i've never been more proud to be a republican ^^

9:53 PM  

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