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>95% Collective Insanity

Ah, the Final Act of "Lying With Impunity" at the GOP corral starring the little self-anointed maverick himself, It's Mr >95% McSame! "I work for YOU!" he told the conventioneers. The mob went wild. Ahahahaha. By "you" he meant Bush.
He supported everything Bush and Dick wanted from warring to spying to torturing to theft of taxpayer funds to unconstitutional impeachable crimes to nauseam. . He missed a couple of votes recorded as NV.(Not Voting)He was probably campaigning. His record is online and available to anyone who cares to know the truth about Mr. I'm more patriotic because I was a POW.
Zero charisma is just another of McNutjob's many problems. McCharisma-less. He should just talk like he would if he thought nobody was listening, the anger and swearing would be much more entertaining and true to "character" as McTemper is the real John McSame. It's hard to keep up with his intended content due to the painfully strained choppy syntax and flubs. He haltingly makes his way to his "punch lines" the points of which get lost in his horrendous presentation. He didn't attend Public Lying Speaking 101 with Palin in which she learned to lie and smile at the same time. His "smiles" are often incongruous, not at all natural; perhaps he's given a smile-o-meter cue to let him know when to expose his teeth, and "turn to the left" and "turn to your right", grimace smile, wait for the applause, etc. It's like watching a high wire act. What moron on his staff has told him to call all of us "My friends" in all his speeches? He wants to "stand on your side and work for your future" but gave no clue as to what that might mean or specifically whose side he's on. He also flubbed with "stand IN your side" the first time he said it. I want him neither in nor on MY side. The code words he tossed out to the fundamentalists, "God-given potential", "All God's children", and the ever-popular "Sanctity of life".

Religion First

The "constant partisan rancor" that McSame claims he's now against was invented in earnest by this current batch of Republicans using ruthless operatives like Atwater and Rove. Nixon was a beginner by comparison. The common thread, the BFEE. McCain remained loyal to Bush and his reward is the use of Rove, White House speech writers, and access to the really big donors and the Religious Right Fundamentalist vote. He's been unshakably loyal.(The MSM keeps referring to McCain's 90% support of Bush but that 's a lie, it's over 95%.) Now he wants to "reform" and "clean up" that which he helped create? I don't think so. He has no idea how the rest of us live out here. He's not just any navy brat, he got lots of perks. The admiral's son had no business being entrusted with another one our country's planes after he had crashed the first four. Only elites with important friends and/or relatives can get such assignments upon request with a horrendous record such as John Crash McCain's.

During his overkill bio he mentioned his fahthuh. He and Bush both slip into the patrician waspy rahthuh "Muffy-speak" of their privileged educations. More McSameness. McRahthuh. Neither Palin nor McCain can pronounce pundits. They both blame the pundints for being mean to them. Apparently language isn't important to The Maverick Reformers. Nor facts. McCain claimed the MSM was his this a flip flop to now attack the "pundints" or another attempt to appear independent?

Now that the Bush Administration has destroyed the country McCain wants to work with "everyone" for the people. Not for the Warshington [sic] pundints. [sic] He claims he's independent of and opposed to George Bush's failed policies. He almost IS George Bush. We will NOT share blame with the GOP for the last 8 years now in the name of some false bipartisanship. It's the way bullies always operate. Fouls, illegal procedures, breaking laws, cheating, until they get caught then we're supposed to forget who was responsible and forgive. His plan? Let's work as a team now. Are you kidding us mister hot dog risk taker pilot? Unstable and dangerous then, unstable and dangerous now. Volatile then, volatile now. He's not only unstable he's incredibly rude with no manners whatsoever and no curb on his nasty tongue. He's well known for bellowing obscenities at his peers.

He's as exciting as John Kerry. Zzzzzzzzz. Hence he needs Sarah the Snide Snake to shake fundy cages and to take attention off his speeches that could put dead people to sleep. I don't want to hear one more word about his POW days. We KNOW already. That was then, this is now. What can you do for us NOW, McSame? Nothing, nada, nada, nothing. we compensate him with 100% disability, top notch medical care yet he's voted to deny the same care to fellow veterans. Mr. POW is a lying piece of garbage talking out both sides of his crooked mouth. Support the troops, eh? Some of McSame's 95% agreement with the Chickenhawks:

– Voted AGAINST increasing VA funding by $1.5 billion by closing corporate loopholes. March 2006
– Voted AGAINST providing $430 million to the VA for outpatient care and treatment for veterans. April 2006
- Voted AGAINST an amendment providing $20 billion to the VA’s medical facilities. May 2006
- Voted AGAINST a plan to reduce troop levels in Iraq. July 2007
-Voted AGAINST the Webb amendment calling for adequate troop rest between deployments. Sept. 2007

Maybe he thinks of our troops as wasteful earmarks. He is more of the same. Disaster. Rover will have to steal this one for him, the closer the better, the polls will be evenly split. Closer is better for Rover. They want four more years. They're not finished polishing us off yet.

United Stain

His speech writers bombed abysmally. This speech should have put forth something positive in the way of future plans rahthuhr than reminiscing ad infinitum over his POW days. It made the conventioneers uncomfortable, some of them cried, it's a reminder on one level of the fact that we currently hold POWs of our own and although the GOPers don't think we torture them, they know we think we DO. They'd rahthuhr talk happy happy talk. Happy, happy talking, happy talk! My friendzzz.
"So help me god...." The pod units replied, "USA USA USA..." Hypocrisy personified, his actions don't help people to pull themselves up to "become a teacher" or "get an education", he offers nothing but god. Again we're getting religion shoved down our collective throats. Nothing of substance, no details but to turn to god, "Nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself."-John McTheoSame. USA, USA, USA, USA!

"Fight WITH me! Stand up!" Reading with bouncy beady eyes, looking nervous, the crowd's cheerleaders stepped up the frenzied pace, "USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!.... He's apparently been told to yell over this part, are those meant to be his emotions? He made some pretty creepy facial expressions.

The "spontaneous" ending was perfectly staged with Cindy impeccably attired in a nice blue expensive suit, (all her suits scream money) contrasting the red white and blue flag (of course) waving on the screen behind them. She wore a green one the night before, and several orange ones. Subdued outfit on the pit bull but Cindy wins, hips and ankles down! BALLOONS!!! Pit Bull and Lip Bull had a celebratory moment among their fundamentalist fans, spouses at their sides, and balloons galore. The GOP is well known for its skill in blowing things up, including mylar.

The MSRNC "coverage" devolved into Andrea Greenspan being bombarded by large balloons and seemingly rooted to the spot unable to get out from under them. She appeared to be a target. Darn, missed her head.... Ann Curry interviewed another Bush speech writer Michael Gerson on the convention floor. He said McCain's speech was filled with "missed opportunities" and not "interesting or promising" enough.

Matthews (another Muffy-speak "rahthuh" educated guy) claims McCain successfully divorced himself from Bush. "I'm grateful to the president" but didn't mention Bush specifically by name. "He is the only route to deliverance from the popularity of the president" for the Republican party per Matthews. Why doesn't Keith counter that bullshit with McCain's voting record. McCain voted WITH BUSH CHENEY MORE THAN 95% OF THE TIME!!!! And his loyalty to Bush INCREASED over the years.

God save us from theocracy!


Blogger irishdave3 said...

...oh, no...when Coot says he will "stand ON your side"...he is revealing the latest "enhanced in terror gation" would be torture, 'cept he's agin that! McCain and Palin ...kNOw Fear ..change you can believe in(sort of)

11:27 PM  
Blogger Panda said...


However, I love meeting other Irish people and I see you have no blog irishdave3, only an "identity" equaling a number only.
Sadly, I have become quite suspicious in the last year or so....on all sorts of topics to do with the Patriot Act. I'm not alone. We Irish Celts have seen every kind of traitor known to mankind for almost a thousand years of oppression.

Are you a bot or are you real?
Only Memorex knows for sure. :)

8:36 PM  

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