Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Collective Amnesia

I made the mistake of watching tonight's episode of the Republican National Convention "Lying with Impunity" on MSRNC. It was a mistake because I've always "felt" lies in my guts so this was quite a painful experience.

It was sickening to watch Laura Bush tell outright lies without rebuttal. It was revolting to watch Bar and 41 grinning like Cheshire Cats as their moronic son pretended he's a human being, "I love you", who has been "working" for the last eight years. Well, in a way he was, plunderin', it's haaard work. But for the two older crooks, unless Jeb gets cracking this is their last RN Convocation as the boss's parents. They looked quite well, rested and tanned, especially Bar. Four more years could produce a Jeb Bush candidacy to polish us off after McCain gets us into war with Russia. And bombs Vietnam.

While Laura Pickles Bush lied about the "best" test scores ever for minorities since "mah huzbuhnd" stepped in out of love and compassion to destroy our schools I thought of the cost of getting an education in this country. I've got two young men in college, I'm not getting any younger, things aren't looking good for Boomers like ME. In order to help my sons get educations, I've taken from my own retirement plans. As Laura talked about education being "close to mah hahrt"....I thought about the UC system...it was free under Governor Pat Brown. That's right, I said the UC system, UCLA, UCSB, Berkeley, were FREE. As educations SHOULD be. UC Fees started after Governor B Actor Reagan was inflicted upon us...the beginning of the end for California. Boy, Reagan hated Berkeley students...ALL students, he hated each and every one of us for protesting Vietnam, he called out the National Guard on students while Nixon called us bums. Knowledge is power; the more ignorant the masses are, since time immemorial, the better the chances of controlling and dominating them. It's logical to force hardship on those who might ever make it and challenge the hierarchy. To oppose the hierarchy takes money, education, time. Poor people don't get a fair shot at any of those things. Their lives are very different from Pickles' freshly lifted gleaming life or Reagan's is it real or is it memorex life. Oh, but nobody suffers more than "yore prezident or Ah do". Laura Bush is a bitch just like Bar...she's gotten mean speechifyin' down over the years, looks like she might have gotten a little eye lift too along with her tightened face.

To prove Republicans have emotions Fred Thompson performed "War Hero" a one act play with gigantic graphics about John McCain. Close-ups of emoting GOPers proved they are compassionate after all and anti-torture. Some cried and made lovely little empathetic faces. But, the US tortures people right now. Right now. So, if it was so heartbreakingly mean of John's captors to torture and beat and tie him up by his arms backwards, why is that okay for us to do to the same and WORSE to other people in other countries? "Secret locations" surely exist where "pressure" must be exerted upon Americans who are considered enemies of the state, which is, technically all of us under The Patriot Act.

The prerequisite St Ronald shtick with the crescendo of mushy music and love affair between Mommy and Ronnie (to the exclusion of loving their children) brought the crowd back in time to drowning government in the bathtub. The real shift started in earnest, "welfare queens" Reagan hated got less, instead voracious corporate octopuses got a bigger cut...it was the nostalgia moment of the evening. Oh how funny he was after he got shot. And? The and part is that he and those who stood behind him, including the always sinister HW, started serious dismantling of our government and or infrastructure. When Ronald Reagan's team members put him into the White House he did for the U.S. what he'd done to California, made education more expensive for all and cut our infrastructure to give huge tax cuts to the rich. School fees? No problem to come up with extra money if one is wealthy, until Reagan got his hooks into California our Dept. of Education was one of the best in the country, now we lurk at the bottom. Who is Laura Bush talking about? Where are all these marvelous "minority" success stories? Is it just that there ARE more kids, Laura? Do you have a fucking CLUE, Laura? NOBODY but Pickles ("the man ah luhv") mentioned what Bush has supposedly DONE for us for the last horrible almost eight years. They all have amnesia. Yet they want four more years. He didn't even have the balls to show up in person. Chickenhawk chickenshit AWOL bastard.

Everyone around me is having a harder time, everyone worries about the future now. I see myself slipping in financial ways, I've cut out things where I can, ...yet Fred Thompson ridiculed the idea that we're in any kind of financial trouble as a nation. The economy is good. Democrats just want to take all our own money from ourselves and throw it away, just waste it all over the place. Anyone who looks at any tax figures clearly sees where the taxes go and from whence they came. WE pay taxes THEY take deductions. We just think they should help maintain our infrastructure. They hate that, that fairness thing.

Some people called me Polly in one of my prior work lives, a supposed take on polygraph. Since I can remember I've had the curse of "seeing" lies as they're spoken, inconsistencies glare at me, numbers click, as they pile up my guts yell. I'm cursed with a discrepancy meter that goes into overload upon being alerted. Republicans believe they can tell us just about anything and we'll believe it, sadly that's true but many "believers" are also in cahoots getting their cut. I can't imagine having gone through the last 8 years unafraid of our current leaders. Knowing just a little truth about them should alarm every American. They are very scary bad men and women. To not SEE that is mystifying. It's a burden to know the truth.

The false hue and cry of the GOP through the years for bipartisanship while being partisan and stabbing us all in the collective back were illustrated again. We're "the other side", "the other party" and we're the obstructionists per Fat Freddy who had a frog in his throat. He ridiculed us with glee. Thompson said Democrats want to tax people with low incomes. That's ISN'T the Democratic plan...Obama said greater than $250,000 which I think is fair too. Not $42,000 as Fred Thompson lied. Bush mentioned "the angry left"...well, yeah, we're not blind so we're angry. We can see through the lies. Of COURSE we're angry. As Dick would say, "SO?" If they hadn't embezzled all our money in the first place and given it to themselves and their cronies perhaps we'd have enough for the social services, health care, and infrastructure we MUST restore but from whose budgets Bush STOLE. Seems to me in my life the GOP taxes me more and themselves less. Surely they see that too. If not, that would be the Neanderthal branch of the GOP. The top crooks sure see it. It works well for them. Bush called us "the high tax crowd" but what he means is, we'll demand the obscenely wealthy pay their fair share. It's time for a tax revolt. We'll take care of ourselves and they can't have any more of our money...deal?

It was a lovefest towards other Republicans (but not one sign saying "Republican" in the whole center per David Schuster) it was a load of tripe. Under that "Big Tent" nothing but intolerance and distortions came out of the mouths of each sleazy speaker. Their tent is full of blatant lies, hypocritical smearing and bullshit and a lot of methane.

We were dragged into a lying pit of even more shit by the inimitable traitorous Lieberwhore. The bipartisanship claim enabler. His Zell Miller moment. "Country matters more than party" said Lieberwhore, whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. Bend over? "McCain put our country first" this last week, said Lieberepublican. He's a dear friend. "He is his own man" Holy Joe said of McHensley-Fortune. Joe appealed to "fellow Democrats and Independents" to vote for McCain...for our national security, aka the Middle East in Joe's top motives. Lieberman screwed up his last line..."the next great president, John McCain! (Applause) Partially off mike, "I screwed it up, I'm sorry". What? What?

This country is truly lost if McSame and Palin the small town family values "reformer" mommy "win"...Rove, Rove, Rove. If they get into the White House it's over. It was a nice little experiment but it has failed. We now have to face the fact that we live under a theocratic fascistic dictatorship and we have zero powers left as "the people", we're no longer free. And yet the Republicans crow on about the freedoms we supposedly have after which the rest of the world lusts. Um, no they don't. They feel sorry for us or they hate us.

RNC Convention 2008 elephant logo.
2008rnc Elephant

There's absolutely no reason to care where Pelosi and Reid were tonight and what might be running through their minds. They do not care, they are NOT going to help us. They lied and let us down. Maybe they're with Dick planning the next few months of cover-up exit paperwork. We know George found time to ride his bike yesterday...where was Dick? Don't his GOP buddies deserve to hear, "if you will", from Big Dick?

Then, the enormous headed Matthews told us that this was wonderful and effective strategy by the GOP and that John McCain's "hero" status is unassailable. No wonder we're so fucked...the MSM was bought and sold during St. Teflon's reign and they've earned their paychecks-for-lying ever since.
Thank fluff for KO being on the air tonight to point out a few of those inconsistencies and discrepancies that drive me so wild...the saving grace. By the time Rachel Maddow came on so did Buchanan whose high pitched opining hogged more than his share of airtime. Not the first time.

All in all, nothing new but the venom was there, as always with the GOP. Never underestimate Karl Rove. Palin's up next. Perhaps it's a mistake for me to watch the rest of the liefest but I can't wait to see which shoes Palin will choose to stuff her sausage legs into tomorrow night. It might be an interesting "speech" too.

I'm also looking forward to the debates. They should be great fun...watching Biden making mincemeat out of Palin will be entertaining. And Obama will definitely show McCain up for the limited little angry man he is. Obama and Biden care about people other than themselves, that's the biggest difference.


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