Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Collective Venom

This was "Lying With Impunity", Act 3, Starring Sarcastic Sarah the Smiling Snake.

Rudy the Criminal Thug Giuliani was the keynote speaker. How appropriate, Rudy has those great GOP family values with wife number three smiling like a loon by his side. Rudy said, "This time WE'RE the ones with the unity", has he forgotten that the GOP ALWAYS walks in unified mindless lockstep? They like to call it discipline and loyalty but they act just like a cult, unable to think for themselves. Pod rooters. What a white audience. I'm shocked! Wait, I saw a couple of black people on camera, wildly happy black people, oh and the cameras zoomed in on a Latino man, also on a sign written in Spanish, THERE'S that big tent, what was I thinking? And they're bilingual too, Rudy said "nada" twice.

Rudy loves to perform but he shouldn't try to feign emotion. Attack mode is more up his "natural" alley. The GOP's convention by design is to create nasty sound bites for their mean base. Mission accomplished. Julie Annie's just another thug on the payroll and Rove is still running the show.

Rudy said of Obama, (he's) "The least experienced candidate in a hundred years", "Hasn't lead anything, nothing, nada, nada, nothing" and "This is no time for on the job training"..... the crowd ate it up, cheerleaders started chants. USA, USA, USA! (Maybe they have to remind themselves where they are?)

Rudy Cabaret provided lying red meat. That's all Mr. 9/11 does. Taunts and insults. That crowd would have applauded anything, they were all clearly on drugs for Smack the Democrats night, wait, that's 24/7, 365 already. Where were all the positive reasons to vote FOR them? Oh, that's right, there AREN'T any! They ARE the problem.

During a convoluted hand gesturing energy related Rudy-blurb a mob drone yelled, "Oil!" The hypnotized crowd went wild, somebody yelled, "Drill, baby, drill!", (Michael Steele's oh-so-clever line from earlier), Rudy laughed, repeated it with glee so the crowd went on and on, "Drill, baby, drill! Drill, baby, drill! Drill, baby, drill!" Clearly some insane folks belong to the GOP. Rudy:"You guys are ready to freak out!" Well, I said they appeared to be on drugs, apparently Rudy agrees. That or they're bots. They loved Rudee's rotten mean spirited attacks and his lowbrow humor. Giuliani...blah blah, slash, burn, lies, smear, lies, attack...blah....."the left wing media"....AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (I can count them on both hands.) Again, "USA, USA, USA, USA....." (Apparently the only letters they know!) Rudy chuckled, "THAT'S RIGHT, USA!"
Video from the RNC Convention, including the rabid, "Drill, baby, drill" segment.


Why do the Republicans keep chanting "USA, USA, USA, USA, USA..."each night? They do NOT represent the USA...they represent only themselves. The USA is inclusive, the GOP is not. Hurling insults and lying, it's what the GOP does best, mostly to other Americans. And who was that American woman being dragged out of the convention center flashing a peace sign? Maybe she mentioned Bush and Dick?

Snide Sarah drew blood quickly and nastily. She exceeded expectations by not falling off the stage or screwing up her lines and won the conventioneers' tiny cold exclusive hearts. Whoa baby, a closed mind is a terrible thing to witness. She "performed" and read her cues. Apart from her acting skills and hit woman delivery her main asset is that she and her family have nice smiles. She's a self righteous supercilious sanctimonious hypocritical judgmental intolerant bully. She's shrewd, she works the cameras, she's slick and harsh. She's a sneering rigid fundamentalist. She's a cheerleader for ignorance. Creationism. Good god. Anti choice in all cases. Anti birth control. Anti information in all cases. A Shotgun Wedding Mother. A mother who clearly didn't impart important facts of life to her unlucky daughter. Religion is not a contraceptive, its mandated ignorant silence leads to dirty little secrets. And consequences. Hurling hypocritical insults and lying, it's what the GOP does best.
Cut the "I'm a mom" crap!
I coached hockey for both of my son's teams for many years and endured a couple of sarcastic competitive obnoxious "Hockey Moms" like her with my team rosters. Ugh. She's merely a pit bull in lipstick. McCain is this season's freshly lipsticked pig.
McSame-Lipstick on a PIG
When I was the President of my PTA I often had to deal with "parents" like her who "signed up". Her way or the highway. More of a hindrance than a help. About HER not the kids. Shudder. Snotty little bitch.

What a totally horribly obnoxious piece of work she truly is. The phony cadence, harsh pitch and nasty timbre of her voice down her nose is beyond painful, she oozes venomous insults with cackling smears and sarcastic snaps. She can't pronounce Iraq. (How does she say Italy?) She violated OPSEC Security Regulations, possibly illegally by announcing her son's deployment, per KO who passed on a votevets fact that a right wing blog has published son Track's deployment details. She distorted the truth anyway. In reality he is attending a deployment ceremony not deploying. Her elitist holier than thou "special needs baby" spiel was sickening exploitation. Hey, SHE chose it, she doesn't get a medal for procreating, she should deal with her own choices in private and allow the rest of us to do the same. The GOP is notorious for making "special needs" people fend for themselves once they're out of the uterus. She's trying to replace her former tiara with a halo. I ain't buyin'. That must make me a sexist pig.

Beyond assigned seating, men were removed from the front rows and replaced by women for Palin's performance. (Republicans are so compliant, reminiscent of Germans in the 30s) Several of those women were interviewed by MSRNC "reporters" like Andrea Mitchell Greenspan, Ann Curry, Kelly O'Donnell etc. they "spontaneously" told the "reporters" they loved Palin and what she stands for. Chris Matthews has a hard on over her. He likes her, he likes her, he really likes her. He thinks she's Norma Rae. He creamed himself over the "He's still my guy" line to her husband. He said, "Guys like that", rather pathetically. Poor Chris. He's had two bad hair days in a row and he's in heat. "She can connect with people" said David the-particularly-disgusting Gregory. Yes, she can David, the religiously insane will love her. I'm so grateful MSNBC keeps Keith Olbermann on, he and Rachel Maddow make the rest of the commentary palatable.

I can see why the shallow McCain wanted her on the ticket, she's cuter than most GOPer women. McCain likes her Trophy Veep looks. All the other available GOPer women are too old for him. Imagine Libby Dole or Kay Bailey Hutchison delivering that speech. Or Mean Jean Schmidt. Katherine Harris? Hahahaa. Same kind of women, newer version. Phyllis Schlafly ain't seen nothin' yet, Palin is a younger more competitive in-your-face fake family values version hypocrite who just KNOWS she's right. It's consistent with John's misogynistic priorities. Looks first. He doesn't like women much at all. She went with more black peep toed high heels. She has no shame. She thinks she has GREAT taste. After all, she's been hired by John McSame as his personal pit bull. She appears comfortable in the role. The speech wasn't written by her but by Matthew Scully, former Bush writer. After three days of rehearsals she hit the marks. No substance but lots of mean spirited sound clips for the MSM to play over and over and over again. Perfect.

I'm a fan of Craig Ferguson's show. I think he's hilarious.
From The Late Late Show June 2007-Governor Sarah Palin responded to Craig's request for honorary citizenship of Alaska. (He recently became a U.S. Citizen.)
Last night he re-ran this clip.

The details of the lies told will dribble out over the next few days but the sound bites have already been created and the public has a three second attention span so the facts will get lost....again. She's a "quick study" and "ready for prime time" they say so we're in for more of this scary dame. And cute little Piper Palin, the youngest girl, is about to become the GOP media darling du decade. She really is adorable but the exploitation is wrong. Wrong is just a word to the right.

My mother called me immediately after the convention to tell me, "That woman scares me, she's truly frightening." I agree wholeheartedly.


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