Saturday, September 20, 2008

The GOP - Robbing Us Blind Again!

The Bush Bailout Plan
Bush Bailout
Hey, America....paying any attention yet? Are you struggling financially? Putting those kids through college? Trying to secure what's left of your retirement...if any? Jobless yet? Oh, you WILL be.
The GOP has subsidized big corporations and given huge tax breaks to the extremely wealthy. Is it patriotic to be very very rich, (having had tremendous tax cuts since Reagan) yet not pay your fair share? I see it as treason, but that's just me. What about the rest of us "Patriots" out here who are footing the bill? Get a job? A second job, you mean? Well, that's great but where ARE those jobs and why wouldn't the GOP even raise the minimum wage yet gave BILLIONS upon BILLIONS (of borrowed money and our taxes) to Bush and Dick for "use" in Iraq? Ahahahaaaa...Bush Discusses Economy
American Suckers

President Eisenhower (R) warned against the military industrial complex....the Bushites ARE what he alerted us to. Were only Liberals reading about it? Here it is folks. Wasn't Eisenhower "conservative" enough? Bush and Cheney aren't even real Republicans, they're just using the name instead of "crooks", "killers", "thugs". Their solution is "Go shopping"...
Credit Card Hell

Well, the GOP has ALL the control and they've decided Secretary Paulson should have the ultimate power to decide the solution to this messy Wall Street business (The big boys are NOT happy, profits are down and this wasn't supposed to happen until Obama was in the White House to take the blame!) Paulson answers to Dick, um, Bush. "The General Fund" to which they refer means you and me, folks. It's OUR MONEY and most of us would prefer to spend it HERE on American health care, education, infrastructure.... but Bush has given it to other countries (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan) and to incredibly wealthy greedy and unpatriotic rich "companies"-code name for rich American families.
March 2008-Bush says the economy is dandy...shut up!
King Bush

Bush has successfully destroyed the U.S. economy.

US Treasury unveils proposed massive financial sector bailout

Under the plan "as of Saturday afternoon," the statement said -- highlighting the fluidity of the crisis -- Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson would have the authority, in consultation with Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, "to purchase other assets, as deemed necessary to effectively stabilize financial markets." ... at the discretion of Treasury and its agents, subject to the 700-billion-dollar cap.
"Treasury will have full discretion over the management of the assets as well as the exercise of any rights received in connection with the purchase of the assets. Treasury may sell the assets at its discretion or may hold assets to maturity," the statement said.

"Cash received from liquidating the assets, including any additional returns, will be returned to Treasury's general fund for the benefit of American taxpayers."

Funding for the program would come "directly" from Treasury's general fund. Borrowing in support of the program is subject to the statutory debt limit, which will be increased by 700 billion, the statement said.

Keep in mind that when the GOP refers to tax cuts for "American taxpayers" they only mean the wealthy, we are just "fodder units" to the Bush Family. IOW, another bailout by US, the REAL taxpayers, at the expense of our healthcare, our mortgages, our livelihoods, our make sure the rich don't have to suffer and/or pay for wars, infrastructure, being an American. Oh yeah, and Bush/Cheney have sold us to just about every country in the world. China PWNS us! Money that YOU AND I have to pay back to COMMUNIST China...oh, and the Ay-Rabs. We even owe billions to MEXICO!
(Why can't Republicans pronounce the names of other countries correctly....just a thought.)

Most Americans enjoy being willfully ignorant ostriches.
I did this one on August 10, 2007.
Struggling Middle Class

How convenient. The GOP has controlled Congress for TWELVE years, the Democrats for two, (against massive MSM assisted obstructionist GOPer filibustering White House veto power and threats, along with "SO?"), and for wholly six of the Bush Cheney Robbing Administration they had total and complete power over all (four) branches of government. Why didn't he just blame the Clinton administration. Time for an October FEAR Surprise distraction? I am mystified by American stupidity.

Done in October 2006...yes, another "election" season but it's what the GOP trotted out.... BLAME CLINTON! Fuckers.

Bush: Trade deal with Colombia is in US interest
"It's in our economic interest that we continue to open up markets in our neighborhood, particularly with a nation that is growing like yours," Bush told Uribe in the Rose Garden. "And yet we can't get a vote out of Congress. I've been asking the Democrat leadership in Congress for a vote, and they've consistently blocked the vote."
Oh, PLEASE!!!!! You insulting PIG! It's DemocratIC and you KNOW it you rotten lying bastard.... Oh, yeah, other countries really want to "trade" with us thanks to you, you've wiped out the middle class, outsourced all our jobs and borrowed money from every other country you could to STEAL and pretend the funds went for your fucking wars. Soon our labor pool will be happy with a dollar a day too.

The official White House transcript omits a couple of statements Bush made. But watch the video just for kicks to see the Decider in action. Ooooh, Uribe, don't let on that the press conferences are scripted. Tsk. Tsk.

Bush:You want to call on somebody?

PRESIDENT URIBE: I never choose the --

PRESIDENT BUSH: You never choose the questioner? I will.

PRESIDENT URIBE: But here, today, I have to do this.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, I'll be glad to do it.

Bush's Bold Actions

At 14:30 after "Carlos" asked his question in Spanish Bush said, "I don't know but I'll play like I understand." The manual for his "I'm the Commander Guy", "I get to decide" pResidency.

Hey, kidz! Want more of the SAME lies?
McSame is ready to give it to us, right up the ass.
Whiners...July 11, 2008
Snake Sarah
Palin's God

Pray for the pipeline


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