Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin Drone

Sarah Palin is an abomination as a woman let alone as McCain's Trophy Veep. And that's all she is to John "you cunt" McSame. He thinks the fact that she's a woman is a plus for his fetid lackluster campaign. It's not. John just doesn't get the abortion thing, he still doesn't think women are equal. We really do NOT want our bodies invaded by Atonin Scalia or any man unless it's our own choice. Rape by Supreme Court is what John McBastard guarantees. Forced childbirth. The Handmaid's Tale. Palin is right there with him, totally anti-choice. Case closed, she's absolutely unacceptable. Her bio is a farce. (Google her she's all over tubes.) Murkowski must be a bit miffed. Experience? No comparison. She and Ted Stevenson have been low profile lately.

Palin is anti birth control apparently. Any woman who chooses pregnancy after age forty is an idiot. Her ova had clearly expired. It's like M√ľnchhausen's Syndrome. Oh she's just so GOOD, she kept the Down Syndrome baby. Saint Sarah of the Downs. Fine. But she CHOSE to do that. Most women would CHOOSE NOT TO do that but she says her highway to procreation is best.

She's a slick cheerleader type, handles the makeup and the mike like a pro, her beauty contestant experience came in handy. As did her "sports scores reader" TV stint. She's got lots of teeth and shrieks her support in a way that appeals to John...he hasn't called her a cunt yet. That we know of. She's doing her job. Per the ever-lying MSM Hurricane Gustav has robbed her of her opportunity to tell millions of people who she is. Gasp. Advantage Dems? No such thing. We're being inundated anyway...she's everywhere. And some blind people are saying she's "hot" in whore hot? I believe class taste and style denote true hot. Not gaudy tackiness and bedazzlers. Hot women: Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama.

Killer Palin
She likes to kill animals, she drives ATVs and presents herself as an outdoorsy type. She's very confused. She has dressed towards the slutty end of the scale over the years and still favors tight clothes and flashy accessories yet enjoys bearing down on animals from vehicles to kill them. She says she's some kind of Christian, she's "non-denominational" yet judgmental as hell about the beliefs of others. What's Christian about such intolerance? She has family revenge issues. She hunts and shoots Caribou.
Palin's Got Crabs
She decorates her abode with dead animals, Bears, Alaska King Crabs, wears furs, she prides herself on consuming mass quantities of dead animals...her hips and thighs show it. There's always a fun side. Haha. I'm enjoying her lack of taste. I'm also enjoying watching her squeeze herself into those tight numbers that ride up....her daughters have unfortunately inherited the same tree trunk limbs. Short skirts are a privilege, not a right. Mirrors, ladies! Rear view mirrors!

Palin's a wannabe shoe ho. I give her points for loving shoes. It has long been one of my vices. However, her chunky legs and ankles don't do justice to those nice Italian heels. So, she's a failure as a shoe ho...the look is off. Thick ankles do NOT belong in Apepazzas, especially three and a half inch heeled Apepazza Musas...I wonder if she bought them at a discount from Zappos or paid full price? She couldn't find an Alaskan animal to chase down shoot and skin for a pair of shoes to put onto the ends of those hefty legs? It's an insult to the shoes. That's about all I can relate to in her life; shoes. And I coached hockey.

Cindy need have no fears, this is just business and Cindy still looks better. And she can get some great new tasty recipes from Sarah...wolf in sheep's clothing au jus. I see she's sporting yet another cast on her arm. Did John twist her arm too hard? Again? I wouldn't put it past the angry bastard to hit women. She sure has a lot of injuries.

Perfect scenario for Dick and Lieboy. They aren't attending the Republican National Lying Convention, feigning concern compassion and love along with massive sensitivity to the people in Gustav's path. Right. It might have reminded Americans with short memories how the Bush administration gutted FEMA, prevented assistance from getting to Katrina victims and merrily ate cake as people died.

McSame Bastards

Looks like McCoward himself doesn't even have to go to the Twin Cities. It's about revenue for the party, they need him to appear, (Palin and the WH thugs too)...he's letting them down in his mavericky way. It's always about HIM and how HE will look. Maybe he and Cindy can land the corporate jet in New Orleans for a big photo op instead and have Palin shoot some looters.

Calamity Palin

The best part of Ms. Failin's candidacy is the names of her offspring. AHAHAHAHAAAAA. Like McCain she has a cruel streak. Trig. Here, Trig. Here, boy!
Update, the actual names:
Sons Track-18 and Trig-4 months; daughters, Bristol-17, Willow-14, Piper-7. Now we find that Palin's daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant by a boy named Levi. To me that's irrelevant; strange family values, but none of my business. Pregnancy happens, as does sex. Perhaps Mrs. Palin hadn't informed her children about birth control methods since she doesn't use them herself. If Republicans weren't such sanctimonious hypocrites it wouldn't be an issue at all. BUT, just imagine for one second what the "press" would have said had Chelsea Clinton become pregnant out of wedlock at ANY AGE, even now at 28, or one of the Obama girls if they were old enough, or a member of ANY Democratic family. It would be shame, shame, shame, smear, smear, smear, 24/7 and unrelenting criticism of their lack of morals. Because it's a Republican it's a "good thing", they chose not to abort. Hooray for them. I'm glad they got to make the choices they wanted to make, the same choices they would deny the rest of us. IOKIYAR. Hypocritical lying scumbags, as always.

Palin's Tree Trunks


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