Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sexism against Palin?

Give me, a FEMINIST, a FUCKING BREAK! "She" is unfit to be Vice pResident and/or pResident because she's a rotten, hypocritical, mean, uninformed, incompetent, ignorant, selfish liar and worst of all, "tongue" speaking theocratic cult member, not because of her gender. She's a VERY nasty piece of work as is her male boss, McSame. BOTH are unfit to occupy our White House. Bi-sexism on my part?

Sinister Snake Sarah

Palin cut funding for unwed teenage mothers in Alaska's halfway houses. But she's supposed to be "pro-life"? aka anti choice. She should be attacked for her ANTI HUMAN stances. She's barely female. Palin is too young to know what we Boomers and ALL women were looking at and fighting for in the late 60s early 70s. Christ, we haven't even had the VOTE for a century yet....and many women DIED for that basic HUMAN RIGHT! She's a CLUELESS bitch who has capitalized upon her looks to get what she wants...and if it doesn't work out perfectly she just lies. I'm always interested in self professed "saved" folks who lie with careless abandon. It's WRONG to lie.... But, along with flopping about and "talking in tongues" that seems to be okay with her bizarre Taliban-like church. Lies are okay if they "draw" in new cult members. Palin believes in Creationism...jesus christ she's a fucking neanderthal!!!! Palin is NOT a feminist in even its most perfumed meaning. She's an ANTI-feminist. She's a cult member.

Rapturous Palin

There are as many "feminists" (almost)as there are women. Some of us believe in equal pay, equality based upon our merits/skills/brains, motherhood as an IMPORTANT JOB (as well as an avocation) benefiting children and society as a whole that deserves compensation ...like teaching 24/7, 365, running a small business too. Palin does not. A bit of respect would be nice for those of us who took time out to actually raise our own children even though it meant financial hardship....seven years in my case for my two sons....yeah, some fucking respect and value attributed would be swell right about now. Hillary Clinton doesn't share my views on corporations, I disagree with her a bit but mostly do agree....she's on the side of women and children. Hillary is a real feminist...so sexism is okay to use on her? Fuck that shit! Anyone who says they were "for Hillary" but now will vote for Palin instead is a racist anti-woman fuckheaded LIAR.

Sarah Palin is a fucking joke as a woman! She's made TERRIBLE choices based upon her total ignorance of physiology. She believes in the Spaghetti Monster. She's on "God's" side, as she sees "it", certainly not mine and certainly not the side of a raped pregnant teenager. A bitch in tanned skin. I knew she didn't have that tan naturally, I assumed it was from a tube....even worse, a tanning bed, which the McSame campaign is choosing to spin as seasonal depression. They will do and say anything to get "elected" and if that fails..... Rove and the Bush Machine are in the wings with the caging and disenfranchisement that worked so well for them. BFEE....still in charge.

Old news but I especially like it because I hate Peggy Noonan.
A broken clock is right twice a day.

Noonan, Ex-McCain Aide Heard Blasting Palin Pick

Prominent conservative columnist Peggy Noonan and former John McCain campaign manager Michael Murphy made disparaging comments Wednesday about the Republican's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, after a segment that aired on NBC with Chuck Todd. Thinking that the microphone had been turned off -- or, perhaps, that the video signal had stopped transmitting -- Noonan and Murphy ripped into Palin as someone who would weigh down the GOP ticket.

"It's over," said Noonan.

In an addendum to her online column in the Wall Street Journal, Noonan wrote later Wednesday that part of her conversation was not on the audio. She said what she meant by it being "over" was not the race, but rather the perception by the Republican Party that its base is in tune with the American people.

Asked if Palin is the most qualified Republican woman to be McCain's running mate, Noonan replied: "The most qualified? No. I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives and [inaudible] the picture."
In her online addition, she also apologized for what she called her "barnyard epithet."

I make no such fucking apologies. Palin is a bitch. Call me a sexist... I don't give a shit. Bi-Sexist works for me too.


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