Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sinister Sarah's Silence

Hold Me Accountable
A heartbeat away from the president of the United States and we can't ask her any questions? She's not ready for questions? Will she be ready at 3am if McCain has a medical emergency?
A woman from Alaska is calling all the shots with the media and they're letting her? She needs more "deference" first. The pundints [sic] haven't been nice enough. The media. What is the media? What does that really mean? What is their function? Do we think of journalists pounding away at typewriters to make their deadline, working to tell the just the facts, using respected reporting standards and reputable sources? Or do we think of whores, pretty faces, pinups, commentators, giant heads, slick spinners, greedy corporate puppets with huge egos who "make opinions" and "shape stories" for us? What is their job? Well, it used to be to inform us. Now, they're paid to tell tall tales, spin yarns the way the bosses want them told. Fairy tales. The spin has to be just right.
What kind of a person would lie for a living? The media "consultants" do. That's their job. Members of the headroom club of the bureau of propaganda are also paid well. What's in it for them? Money. Stardom. Power. Their phone calls are returned. We know it works for Chris Matthews, he got Tom DeLay's spin first every time. Where's the pride in doing a good job, in getting it right, being of service by getting the facts? The number one question....WHO SIGNS THEIR PAYCHECKS?

They lie to us, they only ask the questions they've been told/allowed to ask, the angles to pursue, the desirable directional non sequiturs, the focus on lesser stories the less credible ones, cast aspersions as need be, when to try to appear fair, when it's okay to just go hog wild to the right and shove that tongue up some right wing ass. Supercilious David Gregory comes to mind as one of the smarmiest who works it hard. He's insecure about his looks. He got his boost when the White House allowed him to ask "the right questions" at the staged Bush "press conferences", he played the jovial tough reporter role, rapport-unit. Then he got the substitute Today show gig and I knew he'd performed satisfactorily for the corporate heads. Matthews thinks he can't be replaced, he's always bought into the correct push-propaganda du jour on all the candidates. He has a fat Rolodex. MSNBC, to which I usually refer as MSRNC, has removed Keith Olbermann from the election night coverage team. Censorship. No witnesses to the sudden numbers change at 3am?

No witnesses. That was my first thought. The last two presidential elections were stolen. I have no doubt in my mind after all I have read that those elections were stolen and if anyone has proof they weren't, bring 'em on. I guess they have to get anyone honest away from the set for those miracles during the night when the numbers suddenly do a 180, McCain wins in a landslide and votes vanish.

I recently watched the Republican's convention after several weeks, months, of staying away from any news...for my mental health. It worked. I'm happier and more productive doing a brief internet scan and not watching television but the convention brought me back. The only two people who made MSRNC palatable for me were and are Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, they are the only reasons I didn't tune in C-SPAN or even CNN instead. They keep bringing me back. So I'm going to watch the "returns" elsewhere if Keith Olbermann isn't there to talk truth to power and to witness any shenanigans.

During the Convention Matthews looked a bit shell shocked when Keith kept talking truthful bits and interjecting. Especially during Chris's hard on for Palin. He looked stunned. Questions? Instead of his Palin-Fest? Egad! Could this be the excuse they needed for a board meeting? Keith's a bit controversial, he tells the truth, we can't have that.

Palin: I want to know more about her church activities. I want to hear her real beliefs in a different version than the same ONE in her repertoire.
A candidate for the second most powerful position in the world refuses to speak to any reporters unless it can all be arranged ahead of time, the questions screened, the rules set. (Hillary's voice sounds melodic and soothing compared to the nasal screechy yelling of Palin the Impaler. Judy Tenuta?) She might start speaking in tongues any second. She could drop to the mat and flop around. They do that at her church. They fall on the floor and writhe, and talk in tongues. Like snake handlers. Like other weird people none of whom I know in real life. John McCain has chosen and gotten voted upon, Sarah Palin, a frightening caricature of a something I've never experienced in person. I'm a long-lapsed Catholic and when I was a child and attending Catholic school I enjoyed the ceremony, the pomp, the outfits, the history, the smells, the singing, the mystique. But it was calming, not something that drove me into a frenzy of shrieking incoherently. I'd expect to be removed to a psychiatric unit if I ever did that, ever. I stopped going when my parents stopped going, there were other things to do. Religion is something private. It's nobody else's business but our own. Sarah Palin doesn't believe that. She thinks it's her duty to "draw" us all in to her church....they said so.

Palin Repeatedly Professed Desire To Renew Federal Funding For ‘Bridge To Nowhere’

She's a real Nowhere gal,
Sitting in her nowhere land
Making all her nowhere plans for nobody
(Sorry, John)

Further proof that Palin was all for the earmarked pork barrel nowhere bridge but took the money and gave a lot of it to constituents. Our money. I believe the GOP recoils in horror at such a concept as "redistribution of wealth"...uh oh, Sarah. Call it something else. Rove will think of something really good.

The Governor's plane Palin claims she "put on ebay" wasn't sold on ebay but instead bought by businessman Larry Reynolds of Valdez, Alaska for $2.1 million, a loss of -$600,000 for the state of Alaska. She commutes via commercial airlines at taxpayer expense, deducts expenses for the family car, uses a government issued black Suburban. She is reimbursed for her family's travel along with an allowance for each night she spends at home. Could the jet sale have been a rash act to prove a "campaign promise" of frugality? The cook Palin supposedly fired, wasn't. Why can't Sarah Palin tell the truth?

Shouldn't she finish the story instead of repeating Scully's speech and the already exposed lies? No questions? No comments? Not even from the supposed "voters" at rallies? I thought John McCame loved Town Hall type settings. Nope. Drop in, same speech, leave, reporters and people aren't allowed near her. What's Rove afraid of...isn't she prepped well enough yet?
She's under investigation for abuse of office and it's personal. She has however rigged it so she'll be investigated by people she appointed. She's already perfect for the Bush, um, McCain Administration.

Note:Behind schedule, updates later.

Tues. Sept. 16 UPDATE:
Hilariously, Sarah Palin is giving her "second network interview" with....ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Hannity on Faux Gnus.
Well, I called this one someplace in my secret blog.
Being right is funny....it doesn't feel as good as it should. ;)


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