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Palin the Provocateur

McSame's supporters say they "don't know enough" about Obama? Try READING a few things, then. Google his name. For christ's sake, he's been running for president for two years...if they don't yet know enough about him it's due to willful ignorance NOT because the facts aren't out there to be discovered. Lazy ignorant lumps. Instead, they're happily allowing Lyin' Palin to define him with LIES.

Bad Guys Per Palin

They did however find time to object to the cover of Newsweek with Palin's mug plastered on it. Too unflattering they say. Awwww. They should have a look at some of Hillary's covers over the years. No, that would take too much effort and they only like their "news" spoon fed by Rush, Hannity and Bill.
Palin Newsweek

The person we TRULY don't know enough about due to her Dick-like secrecy is Palin herself! There are people who actually think she's qualified to run for vice president. They CLEARLY don't have any of the facts.

Palin abused power
...what a surprise.
The bipartisan Legislative Council, which commissioned the investigation after Monegan was fired, unanimously adopted the 263-page public report after a marathon executive session Friday.

She can't wait to go before the personnel board that SHE appointed. Dick must be smirking in his bunker. She fits right in.
Nothing Unethical

Ethics violation

Troopergate Report: Palin "Unlawfully Abused Her Authority"

Palin abused power...let's get real.

As the governor left her hotel around 8:30 this morning to board her idling campaign bus, NBC’s Matthew Berger asked, "Governor, did you abuse your power?"

Ms. Palin paused at the entrance to the bus and shouted back a response, which was picked up by a boom microphone:"No, and if you read the report you’ll see that there was nothing unlawful or unethical about replacing a cabinet member. You gotta read the report, sir."

Chief Monegan speaks out.
Palin initially denied that she or anyone in her administration had ever pressured Monegan to fire the trooper, but this summer acknowledged more than a half a dozen contacts over the matter, including one phone call from a Palin administration official to a state police lieutenant. The call was recorded and was released by Palin's office this month. Todd Palin told a television reporter in Alaska that he did meet with Monegan, but said he was just "informing" Monegan about the issue, not exerting pressure. "She never directly asked me to fire him," Monegan said.

But he said Todd Palin told him Wooten "shouldn't be a trooper. I've tried to explain to him, you can't head hunt like this. What you need to do is back off, because if the trooper does make a mistake, and it is a terminable offense, it can look like political interference."I think he's emotionally committed in trying to see that his former brother-in-law is punished."
The allegation against Palin, "undercuts one of the points they are making that she is an ethical reformer," said Democratic state Sen. Hollis French, who is managing a $100,000 investigation into the firing of Walter Monegan.

Palin Administration "Shockingly Amateurish"
...the Branchflower report still makes for good reading, if only because it convincingly answers a question nobody had even thought to ask: Is the Palin administration shockingly amateurish? Yes, it is. Disturbingly so.
Over at "Time" they're misunderestimating Palin and the folks who work for the McSame campaign. Amateurish sounds so innocent and cuddly. She's a lot colder and far more calculating than that. The last time a candidate for office in our White House was underestimated we ended up with eight years of the worst presidency and vice presidency in our history. Up there in the wilderness of Alaska Palin didn't need to be quite so diligent about covering her tracks, or her husband's tracks, but she's a quick study and appears to have her bases covered in more ways than one.

Further proof:
Palin booed at hockey game
Palin dressed Piper in a hockey jersey in an attempt to deflect the booing she reckoned she'd get. She was right about people booing her. What a helluva parent she is.
The GOP Vice-Presidential nominee said at an earlier fundraiser that she would stop some of the booing from the rowdy Philadelphia fans by putting her seven year old daughter, Piper in a Flyers jersey. She said, "How dare they boo Piper!"
They booed, the music was pumped up...her rotten plan worked. What a way to treat her children, as props.
Prop Child Piper Palin

For commenter, Larry, thank you!
I appreciate your eyewitness account.

Palin fits right in with the current lying White House thugs. People booed her, yet the MSM spun a cover up. This time they're spinning a puck instead of Dick and Dubya's booed balls.

Bush Booed but MSM said it was "equal" cheering and booing. Not true per eyewitnesses. On MSNBC at the time, Matthews displayed his continued man crush on Bush, "[He] has a lot of guts"... "all politicians get booed".
March 31, 2008
Bush Booed

April 11, 2006, Dick was booed loudly.
Dick Booed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the game.
They tried to downplay the booing with 'canned' cheers, and applause through the P.A. system.

That, along with introducing Dave Poulin, a former player, who Flyer fans would 'poo'(Not boo)in his playing days. I don't believe it was a coincidence the Flyers announced Dave Polin immediately after Sarah Palin. They now can say that "the fans were not "Booing" Sarah Palin, but rather "Pooing" Dave Poulin.

The next day, when I saw the 'dropping the puck' highlights on the news, I couldn't believe it was from the same game I went to.

It was a bad move by the Flyers.Incidental, Barrack Obama asked the Phillies to throw out the first pitch at a recent playoff game, but was turned down.

I doubt he would have been booed.


6:27 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Thanks, Larry!
Much appreciated first hand account.
See my update. :)

4:10 AM  

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