Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Up To Speed

I'm so far behind I can see myself coming.
The Bush misadministration has continued, at an accelerated pace, the raping and pillaging of America, the continued destruction of evidence, the continued dirty tricks of the GOP, the continued crimes of Bush and Dick. And still no impeachment on the horizon. If they get away with it, there's NO justice.


Mission accomplished for the Neocons and BFEE. I'm still waiting for an accounting of the $700 Billion Bush got "for Iraq" in February of 2007, it seems he needs that amount at least once a year, he must think it's his allowance. No accountability.

They didn't care who won this election, #44 will get the blame for the nightmare they've left behind. Then they reckon they can run Jeb and get back into our White House.
Theft Accomplished

Jeb's "the smart one" per his parents.
Ape Bush

The bastard has been on a "speaking tour" lying about his so-called legacy. He's just rotten to the core.

With apologies to Mark Knopfler, Postcards From Paraguay

Robbed a bank full of Dinero
Great big mountain of dough
Then it was goodbye Campanero
Couldn't stay and face the music
So many reasons why
I won't be sending postcards
From Paraguay
From Paraguay
From Paraguay

As Bush rides off into the sunset (not on a horse, he's scared of horses) he's leaving us with a ruin, wars, a depression. But he and Dick got richer and Bush has bought a house in Dallas and land in Paraguay.

Hey, WHAT housing crisis?
On Your Own

It would be great to see a few Democratic spines right about now.
I won't hold my breath.
Impeach Bush

An even bigger asshole, Dick Cheney...Go fuck yourself, so what!
Go Fuck Yourself, God

Oh, and season's greetings...


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