Friday, December 25, 2009

Season's Bleatings!

Happy Holidays to ALL!


Seesles Greetles!
Panda Cub

I love this kitteh's face. Reminds me of the time I put little red stockings onto my pootie, Spikey's feetsies and kept them on with rubber bands. She went wild all over the house trying to shake them off stopping to shake her feet as she ran up the stairs, she kept it up until I took them back off. But boy, we had such a great laugh over her furry antics.
Furry Holidays

I hope these thugs get the lumps of coal they deserve in their stockings this year, subpoenas. Happy New justice-filled Year.
Naughty Dubya

And H/T Arthur Dent. :)
The Night Before Christmas, by John Cleese.


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